Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm a Bad Blogger ...In the Summer

Quick post just to let you know I'm not dead or floundering in a ditch somewhere.  What's been going on?  Black Keys & Cage the Elephant Concert, went to Lake Kooncanusa in BC, Went to Work, Slammed at work, dealing with complete utter bullshit at work, having some good laughs at work, litter sister visiting from Vancouver Island, Stampede (read: Liver Killer), Katy Perry Concert, Back to Work now and heading to Penticton on the 28th. 

So that kind of sums it up.  I will be regularly posting once the Alberta Weather turns to the dark side of evil snow.  

Oh some pictures I will leave you with is of what we did to my officemate (Gingermate) desk when he decided to take holidays. 
Hope you're all having a fantastic summer!!