Friday, December 31, 2010

Bloggerstock - Inspirational

I'm going to call this the Last Minute Bloggerstock.  Seems that I wasn't the only one who completely forgot and busted out a post this morning (we were supposed to submit on the 30th). I had a belly full of beer, sushi, and Korean BBQ last night so my only inspiration was laying on the couch like a bloated beached whale.   However I did manage to put something together after a cup of tea & irish cream at 8:30am which can be found over on Emily's blog at Phraseless . She's super sweet and puts up with Alberta winters as well so do check her out and give her a little HURRAH!

Today's bloggerstock post is brought to you by Michael from: Walk-On-Red.
(He refers to the Flying Spaghetti Monster so he's pretty bitchin' to me.)


Q:     So, what's this Bloggerstock nonsense all about anyway?

A:    Bloggerstock is a group of bloggers blogging on other bloggers' blogs with all the blog posts linked to one another creating a circle-jerk of bloggy proportions related to one topic.

December's Topic:
What (or who) inspires you to do whatever it is that you do?

So before we get too far, let me introduce myself; hey, I'm Michael, your guest blogger from Walk | On | Red. If you're looking for Kick Her Right In the Habit, you can find her guest blogging on Emily's Phraseless. Also visit Walk | On | Red and see what Kris from Because or Why Not has to say!

Alright! Now that we're all on the same page, let's get down to business...


Religion is not an area I'm very comfortable. Mostly because I don't agree with a lot of what religion entails or dictates, however, I'm a spiritual guy. Okay, not super spiritual like the viral sensation Double Rainbow guy that has an orgasm at the sight of a double rainbow, but spiritual enough to appreciate the beauty and wonder of double rainbows and viral videos alike.

As a spiritual person I recognize "God." Or "Higher Power," "Great Unknown," "Flying Spaghetti Monster," call it whatever you want, but it's that SOMETHING that inspires me.

Go outside and take a moment to look around. Really see what you're looking at. Need a better look? Get up close. Do you see the things that just are? Yeah, that's awesome and that translates to inspiring. Trees, shrubs, lakes, the stars, insects, humans, we're all the same: creations. Whether these creations are the work of a big bang or a magic man in the sky, they're awesome and that inspires me.

Really, inspiration is everywhere.

Watching people interact is priceless. As an actor, I need a catalog of different emotions and characters to pull from and there's no better way to fill that catalog than by just observing. From the kindness of strangers comes relief and gratitude. Or the same could be true when the asshole on the phone that just cut you off in traffic caused you to slam on your brakes, spill coffee on your khakis, and see nothing but blind rage! Suddenly you're filled with no greater desire than to create a scathing blog post about what a clusterfuck your day has been...

To me "art" is the creative expression of vulnerability. Watching a play, visiting the gallery, or listening to an album inspires me, if for no other reason, than the artist having the guts to proverbially "put it all out there."

What inspires YOU?


Michael Venske (Walk | On | Red) is a Minneapolis-based actor whose career highlights include hugging Grammy-award winner Chuck Mangione and being paid. Michael has been blogging on and off for nearly ten years. Read other subjective thoughts at Walk | On | Red or on his acting blog.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One More Speed Bump to Go

For the first time in 3 years we were home before Dec 22nd.  We thought we would have the tree up early, shopping done, cookies baked, and all the usual Christmas hoo-hah done early. 
December 20th.
Manfriend:  I'm not feeling so well.
Me: *feels his forehead* well you don't have a fever.
Manfriend: My skin feels all scratchy.
Me: No it doesn't.
Manfriend: *Looks pathetically at me*
Me: No...we are not getting the flu again right before Christmas.  Take some Tylenol.  I feel fine. 
We both lay down on the couches.  1 hour later....
Manfriend: You ok honey?
Me: *Wearing flannel pjs at 6pm under a blanket shivering*  Nooooooo.
The stage of denial is over and pathetic acceptance has taken over with a high fever.  My skin is burning so much that Kidlet is wetting paper towel with cool water and dabbing it on my face.
Ok, I had the swine flu (of course..I get every fucking thing that comes along since I was a kid) and it wasn't as bad as this.  Swine flu just lasted a long time. This flu....I thought I was going to need a rectum transplant. 

Long story short, and to spare you further gross details, we still didn't get a Christmas tree up.  It's never going to be up any earlier than the 23rd.  And lemme tell ya, nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like last minute shopping, while still recovering from the flu, in places like Walmart.  After that...flu or not I guzzled had a drink. 

  We did however buy a new fake tree and I don't want to hear any preaching from "Real Tree," lovers.  Whats the point when it's only going to be up for a week.  Plus people actually pay for tree's out here.  I grew up in a place where we drove down a logging road and had our pick. If I'm gonna fork up cash for a tree it best be lasting quite a few years.

  So I was a bit grinchy this year and only brought up a few decorations before we bought the tree.   This is because the last couple years, guess who takes down the damn tree and ends up hauling all the boxes into the basement because she gets tired of staring at them by the stairs.  Yeah...that's right...Me.  So since no one likes to help they decorate by my rules.
  Our new tree is pre-lit with white lights.  We go into Canadian tired for a meat thermometer and I find myself wandering to the Christmas isle.  I see blue LED lights.  OOoooo la la. I call Manfriend over and ask if he doesn't mind the blue lights.  Then we see 2 large containers.  One of blue bulbs, one of silver.  I asked if he was down with a themed Christmas tree.  He is right kosher with it and always wanted to do one. 
So my grinchy bitch went away AND there's 3 containers to put everything away.  1 for the tree, 2 for the blubs and we'll just shove the lights ....somewhere. 

Ignore the mess around the tree.  It does not exist.

We even put lights around the window.  Festive, I know. We even baked 4 types of cookies.  Guess who doesn't eat cookies and had to do most of the clean up/baking. Mmmhmm

Shayla aka Fat dawg was forced into the festivities. She really is a camera ham.

She really wanted to get a piece of that Tigger action. Aka violation.

We also got Cavedweller's cat Aria in on the festivities.  Basically we got her all hopped up on catnip and honeysuckle wood (cats love that shit).

Her "Fat Freddys Cat, " Catnip cigar.
Kitty got her drugs and fat dawg got her favourite:  A vibrating toy. 
High-five for Good Vibrations!

On Christmas early morn we packed up the truck and headed off to Edmonton to Manfriend's Sister's place with Snaggletooth following close behind.  I shall call her O'OrganizedOne.  Cavedweller (his brother) and his mother were already there.  
It was very wintery in Edmonton but us tough girls went out for a stroll because everyone else was sleeping or on their laptops.

A position Snaggletooth is used to.

We actually got called out by a bunch of kids taunting us with snowballs.  Snaggletooth was disappointed because I kept walking as they taunted.  She says I'm losing my edge. I say I hate fucking snowball fights. 

So yay..Christmas is over.  The next speed bump is New Years Eve.  Then it is only 5 days till we head to the Bahamas. OMFGIAMSOGAWDDAMNEXCITED GETMEOUTOFTHISBITCHASSSNOW.  So far we have a booze/snorkel cruise booked as well as a kayaking/snorkle/Cave exploration thing booked.  We also booked a flight from Freeport to Nassau and going to spend a weekend there as well. 
He's gonna kill me for this picture.  No one is pretty when they have the flu.
Ok, ok.  I've done my bit of bragging.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas or whatever you may Celebrate.  Play nice or naughty but have fun.

Gratuitous smootch shot. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Moscow Cat Theatre - Yeah I'm a dork but this made me smile.

Sweet Procrastination

Remember when I was all like....I'm going to be home and have so much more time to do some blogging ?  Well the blog has a lot of competition.  The competition?  Cooking, TV, sex, booze, eating, sex, TV, sleeping, hanging overs, scratching of crevices, and working on the perma ass groove in our couch.  
  I also remember when I was all like...Soon as I get home I'm going to get back on an exercise regime and lose some camp pounds for our vacay.  MMmmmyeah.  Well at least I bought 3 new bathing suits and they fit. Mission accomplished. 

So my last week at work was chaotic and hellish but I made it through with flying colours. We moved out of our camp room (holy crap we had a lot of stuff! But hey, we're creatures of comfort) Then we had the 9 hour drive back to Calgary from Ft. McKay.
 It had been snowing quite a bit so we took it slow as we saw several Semi Trucks in the ditch.  (Probably because most of them drive like uber scorates on Hwy 63 ).

Traffic is heavy and dangerous on this highway.  It's so overwhelming that volunteer firefighters have stopped service on this highway recently.  So we use a lot of caution and curse at the dicks passing us in massive semi trucks.  

You can thank hwy 63 for the big ass Alberta Crack in our window. 

This is the sunset at 3 o'clock. Fuckity...still haven't reached the shortest day of the year.
This just looked purdy.
 At first we were going to stop in Edmonton and spend the night at Manfriend's sister's home but the roads were really not that bad so we continued on.  We were pretty hell bent on getting home.  However, we did stop for dinner in the middle of nowhere (side of Hwy 831).  Big Bob's Maple Tree Grill can be found by Waskatenau.  I don't even know how to pronounce that.  
Anyways, it was cute and warm with a wood stove.  The server was really nice but she was definitely a bit wired (blow).  No one is that twitchy naturally. 
So finally we made it home safe & sound but still haven't started our Christmas shopping. 
Meh, I think we may tackle that...tomorrow. 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remember when I said it was Cold?

It was so cold yesterday none of the craft could work and most of the staff was hungover tired so it was a ghost town there.  Since my Manager is so awesome (except the fact that he's from Quebec...ooOOooo) he arranged a ride for some of us stragglers to go back to camp.

Now you'll see why I'm keep bragging talking about our trip to the Bahamas.

This is where we stay:

Outside Wing 1 at Beaver River Lodge.
You have to have a block heater here and those vehicles must be plugged in.

This is the sunset where we are staying.  This sunset is occurring at 3 fucking 30 pm.

Look at how depressingly dark it is!  WE HAVEN'T REACHED THE SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  Someone pointed that fact out yesterday and I would've broken down in pitiful tears if we were NOT going to have 6 weeks off and if we were NOT going to a tropical island for 2 weeks. 

I did let a little sigh escape.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why am I Posting Music Vids?!?!?

If you know me in person you know my love for music.

I have to have my tunes.

Hanging over Sleepy Saturdays require some toe tapping tunage.  When I come across something new I'm like OCD Nerd looking up all kinds of shit.  Right now I'm really enjoying the revitalization of the backyard bluesgrass jigs.  You can't help but stomp your foot when you listen to Carolina Chocolate Drops.

She's got a wicked set of lungs on her and they're just all around entertaining on the stage.  I wish they would come to Canada.
Of course I'm bombarding Manfriend with music but he usually takes it with grace.  My facebook also is flooded with vids however, I have a lot of friends who are right into it as well and have introduced to to quite a few new groups that I have to share.

First of all a Canadian group singing about Canada (Better recognize!). Elliot Brood:
There was a great comment on another one of Elliot Broods websites. "But if this band is any indication... we are making a comeback! The thing with back in the day... mainstream music was good music... now it sucks... and I personally hate the fact that Justin Beiber is our musical ambassador for Canada... Ughh...... Its bands like this that need the attention... Hey Rosetta... Metric.... etc... these are the bands that I want to be thought of first when
 people think of canadian music.

I absofuckinlutely agree.

I particularly enjoy this down, dark and dirty groove by The Cave Singers.

I've been listening to quite a bit of their songs today and I would really appreciate it if they came to Calgary (when I'm not working up north).  I'll hump a leg to catch one of their gigs.

The next vid is a bit lengthy but these bitches rock.  My buddy who sent me the vid said this:
"I've seen them 5 times now. They kick ass n vaj. They play shitty little clubs because Lady Gag is "talented" Em, you should book these two at the legion. They're from Vancouver..."

Yes, yes they do kick ass & vaj.

Especially in the next vid of which again he says "
Look at these balls while laughing you tittays off. LOOK AND LAUGH!!! " (Yeah, he's pretty bloody well all around awesome! However he did not know that Justin Bieber was Canadian.  Sorry to break the news buddy)
Did you watch it?! DID YOU?!  The crotch shots were quite enjoyable and the relish thing. 

Time to wrap this up but first check out THIS!!
That the live cam from the bar at the condo we are renting in Freeport, Bahamas.  Not that I am bragging or anything but it was -48 with windchill here today.  I know, right? So Manfriend and I just have that webpage open all day and creep on people. (We are so going to go in front of that camera and do something weird...any suggestions? )

Oh and the final thing. This is pretty big. 

*drum roll*

Manfriend finally watched 2 Girls 1 Cup.  Now he's permanently damaged goods but hey it's worth the looks on his face.  I never made it through the entire thing and I doubt many of you sickos ,who are googling it right now, will either. (Pssst it showed up on You Tube today).

Ta Ta for now!


The Cave Singers - "Dancing On Our Graves"

Carolina Chocolate Drops performing "Hit' Em Up Style"

Hugo - 99 Problems - Weekend Tunez

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catching Up - In My PANTS, Guinea Fowl for Men and Picture Scavenger hunt?

So I haven't been around too much lately but that's due to wrapping things up before I'm laid off for 6 weeks.  Pretty much things have been hectic in my head.  I've been reading blogs quickly and jotting down comments here and there but it has lacked my full attention.  (Those who are right on the ball and write a post every single freaking day ..some times twice..just astound me.  WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME AND DRIVE.  Shit, I don't even have babies like you crazy ass Mom-Bloggers, who I adore so much, who seem to produce hilarious and creative posts every bloody day. Bite me with love.) This is my little catch up post.

First the bad news.

I did NOT win the the "In My Pants," contest put on by The Bear Monk. 

Healing will come in due time and with loving support.  Speaking of support...we should support to The Bear Monk to do another contest like this.  I mean....the winner got a T-Shirt with "Where the Wild Things Are....IN MY PANTS!"  Doesn't matter if you spill mustard, motor oil, hooker vomit, pig barf...etc on that shirt.  It will still be bitchin'.  Inappropriatly remarkably so.

Generally I blog about the weird dreams I get.  I've been slacking once again because ..well...I know I've had some crazy ass dreams but now they've slipped through the swiss cheese holes that keep my gray matter aerated.  The quick and weird dream I had last night hasn't fully slipped through. 

I dreamt of Snaggletooth (my BFFFFFFFF in Calgary) and Guinea Fowl.
Yes that's what that bird looks like.  They're actually native to Africa and my Mom, who lives on Vancouver Island, until recently used to farm them.

All I remember in this dream was that Snaggletooth wanted to acquire some Guinea Fowl.  Why?  To get a Man of course. 
  I was trying to help her corral up these damn birds because she felt it was going to assist her in landing a perma-man.  There was a lot of dirt in the dream surroundings and she was crazy ass bossy more than her normal middle german child self. I was scared. 
  In the dream I started thinking how this was so out of her character.  She has put up with shitty partners shit like most of us and has put her foot down.  Snaggletooth is a very strong short woman who gets a hot head with a large heart and will not settle for the next person who is going to promise her the world.  You better have proof you son-of-a-bitch or prepare to feel her fate of fury. 

So this dream, made no sense to me and I woke up. (I woke up outta confusion..not fear.  Please don't tell her she frightens me)

Next item on the agenda:  BAHAMAS PICTURE SCAVENGER HUNT!
We had way too much fun with the last Picture Hunt when we drove the big ol' RV from Calgary to Penticton, B.C. The list ended up like this then the pictures ended up like this. A total fucking hoot. This time we are going to Freeport Bahamas and it looks like we'll also be spending a weekend in Nassau. This is going to call for another Picture Scavenger hunt for sure.  I'm just planting the idea bug right now to you kind and beautiful bloggers (Please don't pick something retardedly hard like a Redwood Cedar to take a picture of or an old British Man NOT in a speedo). 
 It shall be soon when I start posting for requests (I will record requests now as well you impatient, lovely, bastards) but for now I shall leave you with this shittay picture from our camp lounge.

Yeah that's creepier than I thought. 
This is also the FIRST EVER picture taken with my new laptop that gives you the option of cheezy ass backgrounds which are SEXCITING. New laptop that I did not plan on buying but Manfriend decided otherwise (read: he does not like to share "his" laptop.  He missed that 'sharing' part of Kindergarten). The way he presented this present-when-we-are-supposed-to-be-NOT-SPENDING was in the manner of practically throwing the box at me as we were packing the truck to drive up North.
He flashed this little grin that spoke.....You can't get mad at me's a LAPTOP and on SALE and YOU FUCKING LOVE ME.

Son of a bitch I do. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Love Notes ....

Finished another 10 day rotation in Northern Alberta and it's time to fly home tonight. 

Mudderfockin' YEAH YEAH! 

After the next rotation I'm laid off till Feb 1st.   So that's a triple - YEAH!
So I decided to log into that social networking site, Tagged, for some entertainment.  

Within 20 minutes of having signed in this is what I recieved:

Valentine C (Like C'Plus  but romance flavoured) 

Hello how are you today ,am valentine from s Africa here in malaysia studing in university of malay,i will like to be ur friend ,i prms to be nice,pls get in touch by just ends like that. 
Moving on:


hello, my name is Hamza i am 34 years old i want to meeting some poeples .we can talking ! :)

Yay! He put a smiley face :)  He must be safe.  

Ramzi D

hello beautiful hope you're well? I would like to know, you look good, me too lol!.I'm here to make new friends. You may also find a relationship, serious or not know that I know I do not like that from the beginning ... Anyway I am not here in this state of mind, my main has to know good people can become friends dr ...representative to thank him Does God keep and protect you

Keep in mind my profile clearly states that I'm in a relationship AND I state on my profile: "If you're looking "to have relations," with your fingers some typing and don't send me a msg." 

Saving the best for last................

Lovell C

would you let me lick your pussy?

Well since you asked.....

Seriously WTF.  Does that work?!  I mean, if I sent a message to a random guy on a social networking site "Would you let me suck your dick," chances are he would say Yes but I don't believe that flies with women.  I let me live with my ignorance ok?