Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why am I Posting Music Vids?!?!?

If you know me in person you know my love for music.

I have to have my tunes.

Hanging over Sleepy Saturdays require some toe tapping tunage.  When I come across something new I'm like OCD Nerd looking up all kinds of shit.  Right now I'm really enjoying the revitalization of the backyard bluesgrass jigs.  You can't help but stomp your foot when you listen to Carolina Chocolate Drops.

She's got a wicked set of lungs on her and they're just all around entertaining on the stage.  I wish they would come to Canada.
Of course I'm bombarding Manfriend with music but he usually takes it with grace.  My facebook also is flooded with vids however, I have a lot of friends who are right into it as well and have introduced to to quite a few new groups that I have to share.

First of all a Canadian group singing about Canada (Better recognize!). Elliot Brood:
There was a great comment on another one of Elliot Broods websites. "But if this band is any indication... we are making a comeback! The thing with back in the day... mainstream music was good music... now it sucks... and I personally hate the fact that Justin Beiber is our musical ambassador for Canada... Ughh...... Its bands like this that need the attention... Hey Rosetta... Metric.... etc... these are the bands that I want to be thought of first when
 people think of canadian music.

I absofuckinlutely agree.

I particularly enjoy this down, dark and dirty groove by The Cave Singers.

I've been listening to quite a bit of their songs today and I would really appreciate it if they came to Calgary (when I'm not working up north).  I'll hump a leg to catch one of their gigs.

The next vid is a bit lengthy but these bitches rock.  My buddy who sent me the vid said this:
"I've seen them 5 times now. They kick ass n vaj. They play shitty little clubs because Lady Gag is "talented" Em, you should book these two at the legion. They're from Vancouver..."

Yes, yes they do kick ass & vaj.

Especially in the next vid of which again he says "
Look at these balls while laughing you tittays off. LOOK AND LAUGH!!! " (Yeah, he's pretty bloody well all around awesome! However he did not know that Justin Bieber was Canadian.  Sorry to break the news buddy)
Did you watch it?! DID YOU?!  The crotch shots were quite enjoyable and the relish thing. 

Time to wrap this up but first check out THIS!!
That the live cam from the bar at the condo we are renting in Freeport, Bahamas.  Not that I am bragging or anything but it was -48 with windchill here today.  I know, right? So Manfriend and I just have that webpage open all day and creep on people. (We are so going to go in front of that camera and do something weird...any suggestions? )

Oh and the final thing. This is pretty big. 

*drum roll*

Manfriend finally watched 2 Girls 1 Cup.  Now he's permanently damaged goods but hey it's worth the looks on his face.  I never made it through the entire thing and I doubt many of you sickos ,who are googling it right now, will either. (Pssst it showed up on You Tube today).

Ta Ta for now!



  1. Maybe I did know JB was Canadian. Maybe I'm trying to block it out. Maybe I'm in denial. Maybe he needs to hit puberty so when his voice drops Usher can come over and give his balls the chop. Justin "Eunuch" Bieber. Or Jeb for short. "Dear Santa: All I want for Xmas is for a large plane carrying all of this years Grammy nominees piloted by Justin Bieber, with the exception of the Black Keys, to crash into the Pacific Ocean. Wherever in said ocean is the furthest away from land. I've been a decent, I wouldn't say "good", boy all year. Please Santa, if you have a soul, you will comply. Or just get me an old tube amp. I can drown out the sounds myself. Thank You, Buddy."

  2. Youtube search "kermit the frog reacts to 2 girls 1 cup" and prepare to have your mind blown.

  3. Now that last one was freaking hilarious!! OMG. Funny.

    I read your profile and congrats on stopping smoking. I once was a heavy smoker myself. I had tried everything to quit, but nothing worked. In one last ditched attempt, I bought a book by Allen Carr. My husband laughed at me when the book came in. I read the book and quit instantly. My husband smoked many years after. He then read the book and has now quit too. Nonetheless, I thought I would share my story as it's always good to hear.

    I'm your newest follower. All the very best to you!

    Marnie xo

  4. Drake - Why did they have to do that to Kermit..WHY?! I has a flithy sad.

    Marnie - Thanks for following and your Kudos!!

  5. OMG Drake, that made my day. I was laughing so f'n hard.

    And to you Jilly, thanks for bringing up the nightmares. Just reading about it made me want to vomit, and I have a tough as nails stomach.


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