Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remember when I said it was Cold?

It was so cold yesterday none of the craft could work and most of the staff was hungover tired so it was a ghost town there.  Since my Manager is so awesome (except the fact that he's from Quebec...ooOOooo) he arranged a ride for some of us stragglers to go back to camp.

Now you'll see why I'm keep bragging talking about our trip to the Bahamas.

This is where we stay:

Outside Wing 1 at Beaver River Lodge.
You have to have a block heater here and those vehicles must be plugged in.

This is the sunset where we are staying.  This sunset is occurring at 3 fucking 30 pm.

Look at how depressingly dark it is!  WE HAVEN'T REACHED THE SHORTEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  Someone pointed that fact out yesterday and I would've broken down in pitiful tears if we were NOT going to have 6 weeks off and if we were NOT going to a tropical island for 2 weeks. 

I did let a little sigh escape.


  1. You've informed me via emails about your work-place...but now that I've seen these pics, I agree that you definitely need a hug.

    BIG hug from Blasé to J!

  2. Oh work place looks even worse! hahahah
    That's just where we live when we're up here.

    Thanks for the hug!

  3. there is something REALLY wrong with sunset at 330...or before..

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    stupid stuff i see and hear
    the guy book
    the guy book

  4. You must be half yeti on your father's side.

  5. :( I feel for you. I'm not looking forward to the shortest day of the year either. It sucks when you drop your kid off at school in the dark and pick them up in the dark nearly too.
    just think...bahamas. I'm going to live vicariously through you though, since we aren't headed off on a least not yet. :)

  6. You're a tough lady. But you're going to the tropics so I'm sort of having a hard time feeling sorry for you. However, you did say you'd hit on me, so now I like you even more. I'm easy like that. Contrary to what that asshole said, I'm not a hooker. I'll give you good lovin' for free!
    Glad you're almost out of that shitpit!

  7. I hate the cold, but like night time so I don't know how to feel about this post.

  8. Sandra, I aim to please. mwahaha
    We definitely deserve a tropical trip. We're home in Calgary now but it's just been snowing FOREVER.
    I'm not a winter sports person..I like swimming but not like the polar bear style.

    Millions of Atoms Man - So much nighttime becomes a drag after awhile. Summer time it's amazingly light up there.


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