Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ta-Da......Day 21! **Update - Allergy Testing Appt**

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Certainly not out of the danger zone with the smoking thing but I'm doing pretty damn good.  *Gloat*  I've been busting my ass at the gym...still waiting to see results mind you.  Just taking step by step to make healthier choices...most days.  Sunday evening wasn't one of those healthier choices.

So there I was at Manfriend's camp Lounge.  He ordered this blender drink:
 Yeah, it's not the most masculine of alcoholic beverages but it's damn yummy.  Recently I had introduced him to a similar beverage at home but it's a different brand.  I didn't order one but had a few sips as he took off outside to have a smoke.  While chatting away I noticed it was getting harder to talk.  Thought to myself, Am I talking THAT much I'm losing my voice??  Then it dawned on me, my throat was swelling up.  I found Manfriend and we went on the hunt for some benadryl.  The camp is about an hour from a hospital and the swelling seem to slow.  

That scared both Manfriend and I quite a bit.  He wouldn't allow me to be alone for a second and gave me shit when I tried to close the bathroom door.  Not that he's a voyeur or anything, he just wanted to make sure I didn't pass out.  I remember thinking that night, Wouldn't that be just my luck...quit smoking and I die of Anaphylactic shock..gawdammit. 
HAH A Banana with testicle chin.  Rad.

Anyways, I lived.  Crisis adverted but I have made a Doctor appt for allergy testing and getting an epi pen.  Living is kinda cool.

**Update July 16, 2010 - My Doctor's office called me back already for my allergy testing appointment!!!   March 23rd, 2011 with Dr. Doctor (Woah, double the ego there!).  Only about 9 months away.  Good thing I have a couple of EPI pens to keep me at bay.


  1. Good to see you are still going strong with quitting!! and still alive! Darn allergies, they are excellent for ruining nights/days. Isn't the body a wonderful thing.

  2. I've got to wait about 6months to get in for allergy testing! I'm tired of the surprises so it's time to get tested. At least now I'm equipped with some epi pens.

    I've had 2 separate rashes from allergic reactions since then (no nothing on the nether regions that requires penicillin) so WTF!? Maybe my body is just super sensitive since quitting smoking? Maybe the champix or crapload of vitamins? Who knows but it's a pain.

    Oh and still Not smoking. YAY for me. ANDDD Going to the gym!

    I hug myself. tee hee


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