Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book Store Dream

~From last weekend

Both Manfriend and I had new jobs for the same company but of course they were in opposite sides of this city.  In my dreams I do get a little confused when something new like this happens. I stop and think...well how did that all go down?  I don't even remember an interview...oh well might as well roll with it.  
I showed up at my new place of employment and it was a bookstore!  Not a Chapters style...old beautiful books.  I was stoked. 
So I decided to go see Manfriend to celebrate. I saw a McDonald's and decided to stop in and get a treat for him.  I don't like to encourage the frequent intake of Rotten Ronnies or fastfood in general but as treat why not.  I don't care what some hippies tastes fanfreakintastic.  It does not digest that way mind you.

So I go in and order a couple of Quarter the kitchen.  I was standing around all these teenagers screwing about in this tiny kitchen and their disorganization was seriously pissing me off.  Instead of giving me the gut bombs they give me pancakes.  Now I start to freak like a junkie looking for a fix. Finally they get my order right but just toss it on this cuttingboard table and expect me to wrap and bag it myself.  I just wanted out of there so I start looking around and asking where everything is. Of course this pissed me off more and then I found out that THIS was my actual new work place.

That is all.



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