Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Nights Dream of Rejection

I found myself in this relationship with this Latin man.  He was overweight and had a very round face.  He also had 3 kids under the age of 10.  We were at his house for his birthday party for which I bought a trip to Maui for he and I, as well as his kids.  Oh I was so excited to go on a vacation.  Somewhere with warm breezes and sand between my toes. 

Oh it would be lovely!  Source

At this party he tells me we need some time apart and I was not going to be going on the trip with them.  He was very dominant and non nonchalant like.  I was so upset, crying and carrying on.  I was begging him to let me go.  It wouldn't be hard for me to just go home and get my suitcase.  He could take the 1 room with the kids and I would get the other room to myself.  He refused and said that we could work on things when he got back.  Apparently he was giving my ticket away to someone but wouldn't tell me who.  I was pretty distraught and started to wake up.  Then I started to get mad and thinking are the one who wouldn't be going on that trip and your bratty brood.  You think you're going to take some skank with you?!  I think not...I'm the one with the tickets so I'm gonna bring 4 skanks with me and have a blast.  Reject me will you...well screw you. Of course at that point I have to tell myself to chill out because IT'S NOT REAL.  I was a lil' crotchety this morning.  Crotchety..I love that word. 
This man is Crotchety.

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