Sunday, October 31, 2010

Alice Cooper - Welcome to my nightmare (On Muppet Show) Perfect Ending to a Halloween Evening

Happy Halloween From a Little Witch

Manfriend's brother took pictures of ma doggie, Shayla, in her little costume.
I may not be home to partake in the festivities but dammit, my dog will.

It's BloggerStock Spooky Time!

A Spooky All Hallows Eve to you crazy kids!  

My Halloween started off with a stumble and dry heaving.  Then I chugged some juice and there was no longer a dry to my heave.  Long story short, I'm a lil' green around the gills this morning. A couple of glasses of red wine, spiced rum and ginger, jager shots etc cuz I always drink responsibly like that.   

So it's BloggerStock time!

I'm supposed to give you a brief description of what it is.  Basically this crew of Bloggers got together and started Bloggerstock where you sign up, you're given a topic and the fellow blogger where your guest post will be.  A blogging ring basically.  I don't believe there is any laundering of posts mind you.

My post can be found at Icewolf's blog.  He hasn't posted it...actually I think I'm the only one up posting ..bunch of lazy bastards.  Mind you if I was actually home I would still be in bed and/or hopefully fornicating watching a movie. So what it comes down to is that I'm jealous so bite me.

So today's theme is Spooky and is brought to you by Seen-and-Said .
(I just realized she beat me to it!  There is someone else awake and functional! I don't feel so bad now)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Apron *Updated*

When I arrived home last rotation my most recent purchase was there waiting for me to adorn it.

Ok, so I have this weird thing for aprons but I do enjoy my time in the kitchen and why not look cute??  

If you're looking for a fun flirty apron definitely check out Sassy Apron etsy and she also can be found here.  Cute stuff, good quality and speedy delivery.    


If you totally dig the skulls check this one out:

It is listed here.

C'mon now, pick up a lil sassy apron for those sassy cooks in your life.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ok..Halloween and Bloggerstock is Cumming!

Oh I so can't stand it when people mistakenly use the word, "Cumming," instead of "Coming."  

It's just so dramatic and dirty, which is so unlike me.  Erm right. 

So once again, like my Birthday we are here in NEVER-Never-want-to-be-here-land-except-making-more-money-than-home-LAND for Halloween. 
   No fun outfits, no parties, just work and the usual evening routines not including hookers/blow/blow-up dolls/whips/chains/all the things that excite me  you know, like eating and sleeping.

I effin' love Halloween so it kinda sucks.  You know what doesn't suck?  This Chickie who has way more followers than I do  and is way more talented with the um..paint....whatever thing programs than I am because I don't even know what the fucky they are called.  I do want one.  I told Manfriend so.  I also asked him if there was one that was retard friendly user friendly, seeing he's an IT guy he might know.  (OK by retard I mean slow...slow friendly as in me.  I'm slow. DON'T HATE)

But ANYWAYS I'm way too liquored to continue on.  I just wanted to say that I'm kinda blogger stoked for my first blockerstalk ...I mean BloggerStock post!

It was totes fun writing it.  It was actually Manfriend and My date night.  Yes, we spend a lot of time together but we don't always have quality time.  Our quality time is eating a simple microwave meal, both dressed in satin in some form (hey, before you get carried away with your sick dirtay imaginations...there are satin men pj bottoms) bloggging (that's me) and he playing whatever geeky PC game.  Well he's done that game and I'm just about done blogging.  You know what that means??  ADULT GAME TIME.

Nighty nite bloggers!


Portugal. The Man - People Say - Some Afternoon Groove for ye' Bloggies!

Hot Cartoony Chicks

Manfriend being the diligent/hardworking IT guy he came across (Put your pop up blocker on..these sites always have it's not Porn)
these and these .   These chicks as superheros/fairy tale characters/ dirty/naughty/disproportionate are foxes and like really slutty artistic.

This by far is my favourite:

At first I only saw her face and thought she was dropping a deuce until I scrolled down.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


BAHAHAHAHHAh.  I Just absolutely love people and their creative humour.  Sometimes it makes me quite envious, wishing I was far more clever in my endeavor to make people laugh.  But hey, the least I can do is share. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had a Surrogate! (Dream Time)

Yet another quirky short dream coming from yours truly fuct up .  Manfriend and I were going to have a baby however I was not the one carrying le bebe.  A former crazy Newfie   gal ( obviously but hey it's my wacko dream world it could've been a guy) we'll call Ni-Newf.  

Apparently she went to Chinatown in Vancouver to get preggos for us.

She had to eat this combo of weird blue eggs for this to happen.
Courtesy of
 I remember seeing her standing on a curb at approx 8 months pregnant, wearing this fugly jean like maternity dress.  I can't find a picture that comes close to it but it wasn't even a long dress.  Her cooter was basically hanging out.  
I was just staring at how pathetic she looked and with a knee jerk reaction, started to look for food for her. Thinking, I want my baby to be healthy! 

Then I woke up in this Northern Alberta Paradise with WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT screaming in my brain.  Shortly after that another curse at the realization I had to go to work and it was still dark out. 

Canadian winters can kiss my tuckus.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Please oh Please Help Me Win A Naughty Outfit!!!

So there's this here contest you see..put on by this Missy .

Please do check out her blog if you're a retro pervy like me!  Ok well I'm just pervy in general but in a good legal sense.  Both Manfriend and I check out her site on a regular basis and one of our favourites she has introduced us to recently is this.    Cupcakes?  Like I know right??   These cupcake corsets amongst the sweet ass garters and panties...panty dripping hot.

To start my spending spree if I win this contest I would like this Navy Girl  number but Manfriend would like this Toe Tappin Flappa get up.
Now I know these outfits aren't necessarily lingerie but they fun, flirty, playtime clothes and it's also close to Halloween.  We like to get into the spirit, even if behind closed doors.

Otherwise I could have a hayday picking out panties. Not that I actually need anymore.  Wait, who am I kidding?!  You can never have enough saucy panties.  

PS:  You can help by clicking on the links.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

B.C. Picture Scavenger Hunt (Finally!)

Now I know it has taken me forever to post this but I have an unusual work schedule away from home and well I'm a procrastinator so back off.

This whole scavenger hunt was quite a hoot even thought we didn't quite get everything we did a damn fine job trying.

1.  Bears 

Now we didn't see any live, hairy, stanky, toothy, clawy, bears around we saw A shitload of fake ones. 

Creepy Mofo from the Enchanted Forest

Totally random on the side of the highway

Where's da Bear?
Deres da Bear in Revelstoke, B.C.
 2.  Cute Chickie Bum

There is yet another Bear!  That is one pissed off looking Pooh Bear.

Bowling in Kelowna.  Yes Snaggletooth was bowling like a 5 year old.
 The only bum shots we got were of Snaggletooth.  She likes to throw it out there. 

4.  Funky Roadside Diners

We failed on this item.  Apparently there isn't many left...shocker.  However we did get a shot of one on the main drag of Penticton.  Total Mom & Pop.

White after Labour Day?! Psshaw
 4.  Wine

Well now, we just happened to be in the Okanagan during Winefest.  At $50 a ticket and $50 for a babysitter.  Snaggletooth, Manfriend and I got our wine on. 

No idea what his name was but he was a handsome devil. priceless.

His friend was jealous so we gave him a bit of action too.

Swish Swish but no Spit.

Best mustache EVER.  He waxes that shit.  Oh and yes, we are loose as a goose by this point.

Clever market

Looking for nudies.
5.  People Picking Grapes

Another fail here but we got some pictures post grape picking.

6.  Bare Ass

Sorry, we got drunk but just not that durnkkk.

7.  Uber uber Hot guy

  Ok, so once again we failed on that one Annah  I just didn't see much man meat on our trip.  You can spank my ass if it makes you feel better. (please?)

8.  Something totally not dirty that made me think of something dirty.

I believe there were already a few of those posted above but here are some more.


Goats always make me thing of something dirty.
  9.  Hicks

  Ok so that's the best that I could come up with. 

10.  A Milf MILF's were spotted.
  11.  A child holding a knife in an aggressive manner.

 12.  Pose with metal sculpture animals in Osoyoos.

We didn't make it that far south so:

At least people who passed us just thought we were Frenchie Douchies driving slow in the RV.  Even this little kid flipped us the bird.

Making Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.

Did I mention it was Salmon spawning season?


13.  Plastic Deer

Technically it has plastic in it...being fibreglass.
 Sorry Miss Melicous, we didn't find a plastic deer on a houseboat.  I did get some shots of houseboats but with my Crackberry and it just sucks so hard I'm not going to bother posting it.

 So there we go people!  There's so many other pictures that I should do another post of a trip but this really sums it up.  As per usual, we had a wicked time cruising like old, french, senile people in an RV.