Sunday, October 3, 2010

Manfriend Slaughters In Golden Tee

In most pubs in Alberta you're bound to find games like Buck Hunter where you shoot critters like the big tough, drunken, suburban, hunter you are.

You can also because a Drunken Golf Pro by playing games like Golden Tee .

While I was being dutiful and caring by taking the lil' fat dog, Shayla, into the Vet for treatment of her arthritic hips, Manfriend was being a Golf Pro at the pub next door. 

Why you leave me to go to the pub Daddy? WHY I ASK YOU?! *woof*
Apparently Manfriend should be playing Pro-Golden-Tee-Golf for the Mafia.  
He hit this one shot ( I have no bloody clue what any golf terminology is and I'm quite content remaining in my ignorance.) and it veered off into the trees.  When his character went to find the ball, this is what he saw:

Source: Manfriend/Golden Tee Golf Pro Murderer.


  1. Ahahaha! I’ve played a lot of golf games and never seen anything like that! I’m sure the police will be along any minute to take his character to video game jail where he’ll befriend Pacman (poor sod finally killed his nagging wife), and be forced to join the inmate’s golf team to compete in hardcore golf against the guards.

    I may have taken some liberties with the plot of The Longest Yard there, but Hollywood will buy anything.

  2. Drake - I've never seen anything like it before...even though I've never played but watched enough. It's fantastic though.

    Speaking of jail...reminds me of a dream I had.

  3. With the handcuffs? We've all had that one.


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