Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had a Surrogate! (Dream Time)

Yet another quirky short dream coming from yours truly fuct up .  Manfriend and I were going to have a baby however I was not the one carrying le bebe.  A former crazy Newfie   gal ( obviously but hey it's my wacko dream world it could've been a guy) we'll call Ni-Newf.  

Apparently she went to Chinatown in Vancouver to get preggos for us.

She had to eat this combo of weird blue eggs for this to happen.
Courtesy of
 I remember seeing her standing on a curb at approx 8 months pregnant, wearing this fugly jean like maternity dress.  I can't find a picture that comes close to it but it wasn't even a long dress.  Her cooter was basically hanging out.  
I was just staring at how pathetic she looked and with a knee jerk reaction, started to look for food for her. Thinking, I want my baby to be healthy! 

Then I woke up in this Northern Alberta Paradise with WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT screaming in my brain.  Shortly after that another curse at the realization I had to go to work and it was still dark out. 

Canadian winters can kiss my tuckus.


  1. Canadian Winters are the worst! and that was seriously messed up dream.

    But then again on Saturday I dreamed that a puppy had a little evil barbie doll inside it controlling it like a robot just like in Men in Black when the guy in the morgues head opened up.

  2. Wow, that’s hard to top. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m too normal to be reading this.

  3. Jane - No way! That's a cool dream! I love the uber creative ones.
    Oh and gah, I am so not ready for winter it eats a bit of my tainted soul every year. Not that I'm dramatic or anything.

    Drake - You = Normal ... In your dreams!

  4. You weren't kidding...that is fucked up!

    And yes...Winters here SUCK. And what sucks worse is that sometimes winter lasts until June. :(

  5. *Crying Loudly* No! No long winter allowed!
    Calgary was ripped off with this past summer. The fall was nice mind you.
    At least we're not being hit with the storm our eastern neighbours are!

  6. Y'er shitten'me bye? An Irish Toothache newfie, imagine that. Your Foolish as a bag a hammers. lol

    "Well bless my britches and call me a frigger". I hope this surraget didn't have a "Face On Dat Like A Bucket Of Skidoo Parts".

    Down worry soon enough it will be snowing bi the reeves and hope that you don't have any Shelia's Brushes. And that's better then the scutters!! Just wait for a good night of dawn and flummy while watching Merry Dancers.

    As for da weather for us Easterners, well a little rain and wind ain't never hurt anyone!!

    The only rabbit I ever shot, was a duck and I killed he with a stick.

    All my references are in newfie :)

  7. Oh christ you are making my brain hurt!


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