Tuesday, October 5, 2010


No idea who the originator of this is but I received this in a email last week and had to share..   You dirties will enjoy.

Oh and that Manfriend up to his Shenanigans... He asked, "When you get 50 followers I get ANAL."  I said told him to try 1000 (because it tain't happening. and he rebutted with, "For 1000 it should be ATM." 

I WAS assuming I would be on the receiving end, perhaps I should rethink these negotiations.  


  1. Oh man, HAVE to forward this to Andy immediately.

  2. Tell him he's already anal, he doesn't need to worry about getting that way ... that usually shuts them up (for a little bit, while they ponder)

    and yes, I enjoyed the cartoon (oh the shame)

  3. Love, love the cartoon.

    Your Manfriend is a genius.

  4. I sent that cartoon to pretty much everyone in my office.

    Labour Relations guy LOVED it. I'm so inappropriate.

    Mustang Sally - Tsk tsk...now you're grouped in with the "Dirties."

    Roxanne and Lorraine - Shhhhhh he'll read this and it'll go right to his head/anus.

  5. Oh Manfriend is my hero :)

    And he is so right!!!!!


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