Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Distance and Colour Will Not be a Barrier for Us.

Ok...so I'm on the road but posting pictures is proving to be difficult with an iphone connection in Buttsecks Northern Alberta.
Seriously, we took 400 pictures in a couple of days.  

My brain wants to blow picture chunks all over the blog right this second!! I'm just hoping that I don't lose the momentum.  You know, being back at work...10 hours a day of invoices and Jack Russell Terrier like men running around the dirty ghetto-like trailers of which we "work," in.   Then returning to camp rooms to  change and then head straight to the gym or go for a jog...or collapsing on the bed falling into the mental pit of temporary despair from the realization of the fast approaching shit ass Alberta Winter. (How's that for a run on sentence for you?)

The usual distraction that rips the creativity from my soul. 
Not that I'm dramatic or anything.

Point in case, I hope to start spamming my blog ASAP..hoping to and damn well trying to.

Just wanted to leave you with this message I received from a site I totally forgot I was a part of ( No kinky dating site this time just a simple social networking site).

I am happy to write to you as i saw your profile today at leetchat.ne and took interest, however am Esther by name, i hope you are fine, i will like you to send me a mail on my  email ( esther24love@yahoo.com ) so that i will tell you all about me and a picture of myself, i believe distance and colour will not be a barrier for us, i hope to read from you as i wait for your mail, thanks and best regard,

Who knows, this Esther may be nice...drop her a line or send her a nice picture to say hi.

Somehow I'm guessing Esther may have some nice pictures to share or perhaps a buisness opportunity to present to you.

Just a hunch.


  1. 10 bucks says she turns out to be Nigerian royalty.

  2. Have you ever received one of those emails?? I did wayyyy back in the day. Wish I would've saved them.

  3. How come nobody spams me? I keep hearing about it but I have yet to have this experience. I feel ripped off...
    As for your Alberta winter...yeah, I hear ya sista, I'm waiting for the Winnipeg one to hit. It's been almost 30 degrees here for the past 2 weeks. I feel mother nature is fucking with our minds.

  4. Ooooh yeah Winnipeg gets some nastola winters!

    It's been uber nice here as well! However, the days are still so much shorter.

    I wonder how many Canadians are bloggers? If we're not eating, drinking, sexin, what else would we be doing when it's -40?! ;)

  5. Ummmm, when it's -40 we be out playing in da snow :). We being riding our ski-doo's wearing our touque's and drinking from our mickies there snow bunny....oh right you grew up in the warmer hippy provience.
    I have recieved tons of those spam emails, and you can have so much fun if you get a real dumb one.

  6. You should so get this Esther to send you the promised photo so we can have a giggle and as for the approaching winter... "urrrghhhhh" is all I have to say :)


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