Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Time For: What Do You Want Me to Take a Picture of?- Scavenger Hunt-**Update

This time tomorrow ..I'll be going for an hour long massage..but after that we will be getting ready to pick up the RV and hitting the road.

Technically we are hitting the road today at noon.

For those Canadian Geographically Challenged.
So Point C is approximately where we work and will be leaving today. (HELLLLLZZZ YEAH).  

Point B is where we reside and pick up the Calvary.

Point A is Penticton where I will be visiting some family.  

Other than that we really don't have many plans other than enjoy the hell out of life.  That itself is mighty fine plan. Oh and since Snaggletooth

Naturally the camera will be clickety clicking away.  I ask crazy, sick, bastardizing, funny, weird, creative, classy, dirty, slighty creepy, Bloggers...what do you want me to take pictures of?   Almost like a treasure hunt dealeo.  

I will do my best and post upon my return with much hilarity and efficiency (Haha Hah... ME does not = Efficiency unless it's regarding polishing off a cranitini)

Of course there's no Vajayjayazzle shots ..those types of blackmaily things.  Suggestive is natural and ok.

My one mission is to get an updated shot of Licks and Splits  .

Let ' er Ripppppppppppp kids!

Anything that makes fart noises tote RULES in my books. Why do you think I'm with Manfriend?

PS:  Manfriend apparently didn't care for the farty noises comment.  He said: "  I might start a blog to bitch about the amount you make fun of me on your blog."  

We KNOW this isn't going to happen because he has the attention span of a Gnat unless it's Civ 5 or some depressing war movie  .
Oh and he just reminded me that Lord of the Rings the Extended version holds his attention span as well.  (I know..fucking HAWT hey?  He's a keeper!)



  1. OK, I am just working on my first caffeine of the day so dont expect brilliance, like I have so much of after 10 beers..
    Take pics of Bears (but be aware its 'fill the bear belly before winter' season.)
    Take pics of cute chick's asses (look out for angry redneck boyfriends though)
    Take pics of funky roadside diners and quaint spots endangered by the Wal-Martian-ization of the world.

    Keep er tween the ditches, folks. Happy Trails!

  2. Hah...I knew some Ass shots had to get in there.

    I hope to see a bear! If I don't, maybe I'll get a shot of a BARE ASS. Ehhh?! Damn I'm genius.

  3. Make sure you visit many many wineries. because there are a billion of them out there. So take some pictures of wine.

    And its grape picking season, so take some pictures of people picking grapes.

    Have an awesome trip!!

  4. Did somebody beat me to ass shots? Damn. Not as quick as I used to be.

  5. Jane - Wine pictures....check...XD

    I didn't even think of the grape picking!
    Yeah there's so many vineyards out there it's amazing.

    Drake - C'mon...I know you can come up with Something.

  6. Holy fack you've got a long drive ahead of you...but the mountain drive is always a nice one. enjoy :)....and try not to get too many bare ass photos...unless of course, that's your sort of thing.

  7. One hour long massage. Soooooo jealous. Do you know that I've never gotten a professional massage in my life? I know... totally gotta change that.

    Take pics of a hot guy for me. But he has to be like UBER UBER UBER hot. I prefer the dorky not too muscly type but as long as he's cute anything will do. Ah and cute animals if you run into any. HAVE FUN!

  8. oh man i want that massage. your trip sounds amazing so fucking jealous..

  9. I book those massages for the morning when I get home. It's a 10 day work week of 10hrs per day and a 9 hr drive home.
    My muscles are screaming for a rub down. It's so worth it! Most important about massages, you have to find someone that works for you. Technique and personality that you're comfortable with.

    Ok...UBER uber hot...I'm on it Paige.

  10. Take a picture of something totally NOT dirty that makes you think of something TOTALLY dirty. : )

  11. Christ...that might be hard...oh's Snaggletooth and I. Everything makes us think of something dirty.


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