Thursday, October 21, 2010

B.C. Picture Scavenger Hunt (Finally!)

Now I know it has taken me forever to post this but I have an unusual work schedule away from home and well I'm a procrastinator so back off.

This whole scavenger hunt was quite a hoot even thought we didn't quite get everything we did a damn fine job trying.

1.  Bears 

Now we didn't see any live, hairy, stanky, toothy, clawy, bears around we saw A shitload of fake ones. 

Creepy Mofo from the Enchanted Forest

Totally random on the side of the highway

Where's da Bear?
Deres da Bear in Revelstoke, B.C.
 2.  Cute Chickie Bum

There is yet another Bear!  That is one pissed off looking Pooh Bear.

Bowling in Kelowna.  Yes Snaggletooth was bowling like a 5 year old.
 The only bum shots we got were of Snaggletooth.  She likes to throw it out there. 

4.  Funky Roadside Diners

We failed on this item.  Apparently there isn't many left...shocker.  However we did get a shot of one on the main drag of Penticton.  Total Mom & Pop.

White after Labour Day?! Psshaw
 4.  Wine

Well now, we just happened to be in the Okanagan during Winefest.  At $50 a ticket and $50 for a babysitter.  Snaggletooth, Manfriend and I got our wine on. 

No idea what his name was but he was a handsome devil. priceless.

His friend was jealous so we gave him a bit of action too.

Swish Swish but no Spit.

Best mustache EVER.  He waxes that shit.  Oh and yes, we are loose as a goose by this point.

Clever market

Looking for nudies.
5.  People Picking Grapes

Another fail here but we got some pictures post grape picking.

6.  Bare Ass

Sorry, we got drunk but just not that durnkkk.

7.  Uber uber Hot guy

  Ok, so once again we failed on that one Annah  I just didn't see much man meat on our trip.  You can spank my ass if it makes you feel better. (please?)

8.  Something totally not dirty that made me think of something dirty.

I believe there were already a few of those posted above but here are some more.


Goats always make me thing of something dirty.
  9.  Hicks

  Ok so that's the best that I could come up with. 

10.  A Milf MILF's were spotted.
  11.  A child holding a knife in an aggressive manner.

 12.  Pose with metal sculpture animals in Osoyoos.

We didn't make it that far south so:

At least people who passed us just thought we were Frenchie Douchies driving slow in the RV.  Even this little kid flipped us the bird.

Making Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.

Did I mention it was Salmon spawning season?


13.  Plastic Deer

Technically it has plastic in it...being fibreglass.
 Sorry Miss Melicous, we didn't find a plastic deer on a houseboat.  I did get some shots of houseboats but with my Crackberry and it just sucks so hard I'm not going to bother posting it.

 So there we go people!  There's so many other pictures that I should do another post of a trip but this really sums it up.  As per usual, we had a wicked time cruising like old, french, senile people in an RV.


  1. Hahahaha!!! That was awesome...and I was just at the enchanted forest a month ago! Some of their animals don't look at all like what they are supposed to. We saw the Big Bad Wolf I say to my 2 year old, "Look...its the Big Bad..." she replies with "ummm beaver...yeah...he looks like a beaver"...FAIL

  2. Looks like an amazing trip. Glad you have so much fun.

  3. HAHAH
    I know, we have tons of pix of the Enchanted Forest. I'm going to use them all in one post because're mighty creepy looking!

  4. Nice selection! I liked the pissed off Pooh bear, (looking at Christopher Robin, thinks "I'm about ready to marinate that little bastard in honey and throw him on the bar-b..") and the naughty deer at the end. But all good. The youngun will remember the trip for a long time, I'm sure.

  5. Haha, looks like you've got the Spocker prepared on the medieval stock picture.

  6. Drake..the "Spocker?" Oh No you didn't! You can't trekkify "The Shocker." hahahah

  7. You toyed with my feelings! :(

    Turn around and let me spank that!

  8. I've driven past the enchanted forest probably 20 times and I've NEVER stopped. Fail on me because that looks like a fantastic time.

    Great wine pictures. I can't believe that guy waxes his face. Soo awkward.

  9. What a fantastic journey! I did the trip when I was 14, but i was crying the whole entire time because my mean old parents were taking me from Ontario and supplanting me in Chilliwack, BC. I've since forgiven them, and wished I could have been on that trip with you.
    And yeah, that Winnie the Pooh looked pissed off!

  10. I've been by that place so many times as well but so glad we stopped.
    It would be boring with certain people but us bunch are all immature so we had a hoot!

  11. how was I being so wrong as to not be your follower? i am correcting it right this very second.


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