Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's BloggerStock Spooky Time!

A Spooky All Hallows Eve to you crazy kids!  

My Halloween started off with a stumble and dry heaving.  Then I chugged some juice and there was no longer a dry to my heave.  Long story short, I'm a lil' green around the gills this morning. A couple of glasses of red wine, spiced rum and ginger, jager shots etc cuz I always drink responsibly like that.   

So it's BloggerStock time!

I'm supposed to give you a brief description of what it is.  Basically this crew of Bloggers got together and started Bloggerstock where you sign up, you're given a topic and the fellow blogger where your guest post will be.  A blogging ring basically.  I don't believe there is any laundering of posts mind you.

My post can be found at Icewolf's blog.  He hasn't posted it...actually I think I'm the only one up posting ..bunch of lazy bastards.  Mind you if I was actually home I would still be in bed and/or hopefully fornicating watching a movie. So what it comes down to is that I'm jealous so bite me.

So today's theme is Spooky and is brought to you by Seen-and-Said .
(I just realized she beat me to it!  There is someone else awake and functional! I don't feel so bad now)



  1. It's like Casper...but deadlier!

  2. Yeah this lil' ghost doesn't have the greatest coping mechanisms!

  3. Not ghost or Halloween related but- I went all week beer-free to get through the first withdrawal off tabac, then friday I downed about 8 gallons of beer and, needless to say, was hungover on Saturday. However, what was absent from this hangover was that "ack, smoked 35 cigarettes in 6 hours" feeling.
    Your 'heaving in the mornin' note made me think of that. Somebody should do a song of 'heaving in the mornin', to the tune of 'angel of the morning', an oldie by Merrilee Rush (I know this cuz I bought the 45 at a bazaar when I was 11.)
    Happy Halloween!

  4. HAHAH Oh Gord. You rock. I miss ya and we should hang out again soon.
    Yeah aren't hangovers much better without the smoking factor?!

  5. K..that is funny. I have already written the first years worth of adventures for the bi-polar Happy Ghost - he wan't to do good but it no longer gives him the thrill it once did. Now, like Dexter, he must unleash his evil side every once in awhile. He is a tortured soul - literally. I hope you will let me split the movie rights and merchandising profits with you.

  6. Hahah Well you would have to discuss it with Seen-and-Said (the artist). I'm really not talented like that. I just curse.

  7. I could be convinced to share story rights...=p

  8. Christine, this is awesome. This is probably my favorite entry to this month's Bloggerstock. I know I'm waaaay late to the party here.


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