Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Apron *Updated*

When I arrived home last rotation my most recent purchase was there waiting for me to adorn it.

Ok, so I have this weird thing for aprons but I do enjoy my time in the kitchen and why not look cute??  

If you're looking for a fun flirty apron definitely check out Sassy Apron etsy and she also can be found here.  Cute stuff, good quality and speedy delivery.    


If you totally dig the skulls check this one out:

It is listed here.

C'mon now, pick up a lil sassy apron for those sassy cooks in your life.


  1. Ok so why are we not seeing a pic of you wearing nothing but this????? hmmmm??

  2. Erm...because Manfriends Family reads this blog.
    I'm sure I've traumatized them enough.

  3. Those aprons are amazing! I've been on the search for something fun and girly but edgy... its perfect! Thanks

  4. No worries Jane!
    Hope you buy one. She has so many choices.


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