Monday, October 18, 2010

Dirty-Two Today!!!!

  Yes, today was the day the world was blessed with my presence in 1978.  

  I really have nothing profound to say, so it's really not that different than any other post, but it's my day to be the center of attention.  Also, I do enjoy prezzies so if you feel generous and all feel free to send me one. HAHAH Just kidding, but not really.  

  This would be my third birthday in a row up North so I wont be having any wild and crazy fun.  The extent is driving to Ft. McMurray so we can go to an over priced pub (that's every pub in that town), and have a few bevies along with greasy ass, delicious, bad-for-my-guts, pub food.  Oh I'll totally feel like shizz from it but it will be good going down. Vodka helps the digestion. 
  I'd like to think that Imma gonna get some sexin' too but considering our camp is about 45mins drive on the highway and we have other passengers, it's not going to happen.  I mean, even if it was the two of us HE would be getting the action and then afterwards I will fall asleep till we got back to camp and then just head straight to bed.  Not that I've experienced this scenario or anything....

  So yes, survived another year in this game of life and you know you really should treat your birthday like a "Thanksgiving."  People get so caught up on getting older, miserable, ungrateful, bitter, jaded (the usual stuff that comes with old age RIGHT?!) that they tend to lose focus on the joys in life.  There's so many that never had the chance.

I am thankful for making it to the age of 32.  Thankful for my family, friends, strength, and humour that has carried me this far and I hope to keep on truckin'. 



  1. Ah happy birthday, we know how much you love special events when they revolve around you. :P

  2. Thanks Drake!

    I'm really no different than most women in general. Even if they don't admit it...they LOVE it.

  3. Happy birthday Beautiful. And I don't have your address to send you money :)

  4. Happy birthday to you!

    Have a great night out.

  5. Happy 32! Like a .32 'hotter than a 2 dolla pistol on a Saturday night'!
    I am sure you will get some tonight, if not there's always early morning shower sex.

  6. I love Robert Crumb's 'Keep on Truckin'...' - good choice and a very happy birthday to you for yesterday :)

  7. Thank you Everyone!

    Steve, have you ever heard of Money E-Transfers? Jebus, you're OLD but not THAT old. Get on it.

    Marsy, I'm a fan of Robert Crumb. I try to pick up his books as often as possible. He's quite the character.

  8. HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Jackson Rathbone plays the vampire in Twilight that always looks constipated. I love him and want to have twenty of his babies. Oh Lawd!

    And yes, gurrrrrrl. Alcide from True Blood is ridiculously hot! Hubba hubba hubba hubba. Okay enough of that.

  10. LOL my captcha was "fring" which reminds me of "frigging" which is what I want to do to both those guys. Bahhahahhaa. I need to end this celibacy streak, ASAP.

  11. Annah - HAHAHAHAHAHAH mmm I would frigging frig Alcide till he was on the brink of death due to starvation.

    Thanks Sara & Miss!!

  12. Happy (Belated) B'Day :)

    Hope you got everything you wanted & everything you deserve !!! Even a little nookie too LOL

    I like your thoughts about being 'Thankful' .. It so true and a Great Outlook!!!

    Hopefully the next time you're down south I can pass a really belated B'Day wish in person :)

  13. Thanks Geo.......Where down south are you talking about??

  14. Where south ... Calgary :)

    B'Day is also a nice milestone .. 131 days since dropping the smokes!!! Whooott!!! Someday I may be able to do the same ;)

  15. Belated happy birthday! I hope you had fun!

  16. Damn. Damn damn damn me and my self absorption - I have a thing about remembering birthdays and I forgot yours! Gutted.


    You never told me it was your birthday? So I couldn't have sent the usual care package of pinot and "happy pills" even if I wanted to?

    Well okay. Your fault then.


    (Hope it was fab.)

    - B x


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