Friday, October 1, 2010

It's October Bizzzznatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what is so great about October you ask?

Well besides October 31st...Why October 18th of course!  On that day in 1978 the world was blessed with my presence.  Best be celebrating bitches!!  
Aw yeah

Ok, I'm really not that full of myself but I love my birthday.  So many people don't embrace it and get all pissy about getting older.  Well I'm happy to have survived yet another year and I get a party Where It's ALL ABOUT ME.  Maybe I am full of myself just a teensy bit.

Plus I get prezzies and I lurrrv prezzies.  I suppose I have to rely on my friends for that because Manfriend got me a ring.  They stop buying you shit after the ring right?  Mind the occasional flowers when they're in the wrong (They're always in the wrong...we are so wrong we are right are far too perfect.). 

Well he did rent an RV for when we're home on Oct. 7th!! We are grabbing the Kidlet, the dog, and Snaggletooth (My Calgarian whackjob who'll be a hoot to have on the trip) and heading to the Okanagan in B.C.  The only place we know we're going for sure is Penticton.  So it's going to be an adventure.  I shall be taking plenty of photos and sharing, naturally.  Some may be incriminating but shhhhh don't tell the authorities. 

Oh I guess with a 11 year old in tow and cruising around in a Rental RV we may not be so badass....probably just embarrassing.  

This thing is fucking cool badass
 Mind you this isn't happening on my Birthday so it doesn't really count. 

I still want my birthday cake and eat it too. 

HAHAH 2 Girls 1 Cup  Bday Cake. EPIC.  Manfriend still has not seen that.

Tom Selleck is hot, in a creepy uncle sort of way.

So many types of wrong.

Annnnnd for Sara!


  1. The presents TOTALLY stop after you get the ring. I'm planning on lecturing Andy about that when my birthday rolls around next year.

    And AHHH!!! VAGINA CAKE!!!!!

  2. Dammit...I thought that might be the case.
    Then so do the BJ's. mwahahah tit for tat.

    I knew YOU would enjoy that cake! I found some far more offensive but I try to keep this shit clean and wholesome yo'.

  3. I actually really like the Van Gogh cake! The rest of them... Umm... Classy?

  4. Congrats on your teen pregnancy! Bahahahaha!
    You are so enjoyable. My son will be turning 13 on Oct.18th....does this mean you also share an inability to concentrate, forget what you are doing while you are in the midst of it, walk in one direction and then switch directions because you think maybe there was something better over there? If so, then you must be his twin.

  5. Kris - Oh I know...there are such horrible cakes out there. I really like the Mario Bro's ones though.

    check out:

    Sandra - Yeah that cake was out of place but man is that good. Wish I would've thought of that for my cousins.
    As for the whole Libra Oct 18th traits..yup I'm afraid he may never grow out of it. We're pretty sun-spun but generally we're pleasant people to have around. We rock.
    Actually my former Manager (we still hang out) is Oct 18th as well and he's a few years older...yup, no hope for your son I'm afraid. ;)

  6. October 18th rocks!!!! Its coming soon! We libras kick ass.


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