Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zee Engagment Partee

For only a days prep we pulled off a nice little celebration I must say. *scoff*scoff*

Manfriend, Kidlet and I put forth a wicked team effort and got the house in ship-shape.  Of course I was running around in circles and buzzing around like a cracked out gerbil.  

I don't know even how to express how wonderful it is to see Kidlets excitement with our engagement.  She's all like... WHENAREYOUGETTINGMARRIEDHUHHUHWHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?

So she made a Red Velvet Cake:

J is my first initial and K is does not mean J/K.  Although that is quite humorous. Marry Me?  J/K! ROFL k thx bai.
Then she did up a lil poster for people to sign their well wishes:

This was the beginning of the night so yes, we have more than one friend.
Oh she is soooo going to be a bridesmaid, which I haven't told her yet.  I'm saving that one for later.  She is a total groovy kid plus she gives me neck massages. It's all win-win. 

Most of the time I was in the kitchen prepping since the morning.  6 different types of kabobs with all different marinades takes some mutherfukin' time yo'. I even made guacamole and the chip dip.  Oh of course Manfriend helped by staying the hell outta the kitchen until it was time to skewer the kabobs and cook.  I always prep and he always BBQs and everyone else eats.  It's a pretty effective system we gots going on.   
I have no idea what he is doing..thumbs - up Imma gonna punch the window?

NOMs!  Those mini squashes were wickedly awesome.

Of course when I am cooking I always adorn my trusty apron.

It's not exactly figure flattering but fuck does it ever rock!  I ordered it from a seller on Esty.  Yes, I am so Bitchtastic-Suzie-Homemaker (The dirty perverted kind..).  Yup, I'm quite a catch.  Just saying....

The food all turned out fantastic and everything was devoured!  I was all fretting that I made too much.  I've learned never to under-estimate the power of my friends bellies.

One of my bridesmaids brought her boobs along:
Hahah She's gonna fucking kill me.  Oh Manfriend took this pic of course.

Then she tried to violate me..yes I'm wearing the ring on the middle digit because I need it sized.

Of course we did the traditional champers toast.
He looks very concentrated.  Hmmm this position seems rather familiar..
This was the hardest part for me since for one.  I had to stop moving.  I'm a wee bit of a hyper person (oh holy crapballs..I'm turning into my Mother.) so not doing anything with all attention focused on me, is very very challenging.  It also took all my concentration not to cry.  It's terribly embarrassing to cry in front of people, for me.   Even Kidlet did a little toast and when I was on the brink of looking like a total crybaby, Manfriend gave me a big smooch.
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  Sometimes we're a little sickening with how mushy we are.  Manfriend is such a softie and a sweet romantic.  Underneath my *ahem* tough and rough exterior, I'm the biggest suck around and a hopeless romantic.  Really we can be sickeningly in love and it's fantastic.

One thing we hadn't planned but had a closet full of....FIREWORKS.  HELLLLLZYAH! Huzzah for burning-exploding-sparkly-stuff!
Manfriend Bum!

I'm sure the neighbours didn't quite appreciate it.  One even opened their door and did that creepy lil neighbour peek out and quickly shuffled inside.   Well all us adults loved it and so did all the kids.

So all in all, it was pretty much what I wanted and expected out of an engagement party.  By 11pm I was so bagged I gave out hugs and said my good nights.  In the morning...the kitchen was clean.  Fucking A.  My guests rule!

We still haven't set the date yet but it will most likely be 2012.  We want to wait till after this project is done and apparently Manfriend is done Nov 2011.  There is no way in hell I'm gonna have a Winter Wedding.  That's just gross and Cruel in Canada. 

Regardless, I can't wait for the day that I can call Manfriend = Husbandfriend.  He is my bestfriend, my lover, emotional supporter (he deserves a freaking medal for that one), and everything I ever wanted.  Well granted I would prefer he looked like this: 

But he would also prefer if I looked like this:

But neither of us look like that so le' sigh..guess we'll have to settle for eachother and be happy and all that jazz.  <3

PS:  Manfriend was the first to read this and said, "Good post baby, thanks for all the Katy." Hah..I know how to please ma man.


  1. You're getting married when the world ends? I'm SO mailing you a kahoodle of ducttape and tinfoil hats for a wedding gift.



    Gotta sell all my stuff and go on a heroin binge. BRB

  3. Bitch please. I ain't sharing shit. BRB

  4. A) completely awesome apron...I have an equally...ok slightly more awesome apron from Etsy as well!

    B) Agreed...winter sucks ass...go someplace tropical or at least wait until the sun is shining here...say...probably mid-June. That is unless its one of those snow in June that case, you're screwed!

  5. AllIcansayisfreakingawesome!!! Congrats again :)

    oh and the eye candy is awesome too.

  6. Miss Melicious - Sexy Retro Aprons 4-Life! Your apron is slighty more awesome?? Can you share the seller? Pullllleaseeeee. One can't have too many aprons now. Also I want to get one for Kidlet.

    Yes the winter totally sucks especially in Northern Alberta. There's a reason why the money is so good. If it wasn't no one in their right mind would work up here.

    Steve - Your welcome, I had you in mind as well. LOL

  7. Dude. If only I looked like Katy Perry. I would have sex with myself ALL the time.

  8. I full heartily agree with that statement Sara.

    Shit, Manfriend finds me hot now..if I morphed into Katy Perry both his heads might explode!

  9. Too 'too much' !! Food was awesome and had a pile of fun !! Must relay my congrats (again) !! And my Thanks !! You three F'ING ROCK !!

    Yes, winter weddings are a pain. Too cold, too many clothes, too much mess. Only good thing is the many ways one stays warm ;)

  10. Bahahahaha! Those are my sisters boobs. I'd recognize them anywhere.

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  12. katy tiene el culo mas rico de todos me da ganas de penetrarla


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