Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Having a @$#%^@ Day.......Tell Me a Funny Story... **Update

So I'm a bit snaggly this morning, accented with a slight bit of rage. 

First of all last night I had some serious weird ass dreams.

The first one I remember I was wearing a purple PVC dress, thigh highs and knee high boots. Can't remember what else because of how AWESOME I looked.  Not like a hooker at all.

Second dream was quite long, emotional and so disturbing that I will only share it with Manfriend (and Therapists).  The intertubes don't need to know how disturbed I really am.  (Manfriend does and still wants to Marry me. HAH..go figure. Weird.)

Second it's this job.  Well not the job/my function in particular.  It's this project, this site, this Client.  Have you ever read the book 1984?  Well this Client/Owner  is all Big Brother up in your face/luggage/life. WE WORK FOR YOU WE'RE NOT FUCKING TERRORISTS.   Treat us with a bit of respect and/or dignity.  Day by day it has become more and more oppressing all under the veil of SAFETY.  Hey I know Safety is important especially in the construction world but I can also tell the difference between Safety and Absolute Control. 

It's fucking creepy and I do not want any of it. 

So yes, I'm angry, bitter, and apparently disturbed.  I don't want this to dictate the rest of my day so I turn to my friend, The Internet, and you Bloggers out there.  

I know there's plenty of you deeply disturbed in amusing ways so please share. Brighten my day.

I would settle for cheesy puns. 

(Yup, I'm that desperate.  I work better with Laughter).

**Update:  To top off my day a Contractor came by to give me some schwag.  Awesome - yes ( I love free shit even if it's a key chain with little wooden's free.) but he also thought that I was preggers.  Remember I've gone through this  before.   
Ok, I'm not really fat I just have a belly.

Oh and where's all my funny stories.  Dammit, you'd think you people had jobs/lives.  PAYATTENTIONTOME please. 


  1. Not sure which client you are working for, but it is the same here. I worked for one client, and if you walked up or down a set of stairs without holding the handrail, you could be kicked off site. They were the leaders in anal safety.
    Oh you don't look fat or preggers. And now get back yo work!!!!!!

  2. Hahah

    Thanks least SOMEONE responded. I feel neglected.

  3. here's a good one
    so, last night a friend and i were hiding for a surprise bday party behind some bushes and i whispered oh my god i am so excited i am going to shit myself and then out of the blue, i blew a big fart...the timing was so epic we were rolling on the floor with laughter and almost ruined the surprise


    That really made me LOL here in the office.

    You rock.


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