Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lunch Time Distraction - FAILS

When lunch time rolls around up at site here, I retreat to Manfriend's private office for a lil' R&R. No we don't get all kinky up in that shit...the office door stays open.  Although....that may be a fun but also potential job loss factor.  I like monies. 

We enjoy chowing down and checking out funny shit online.  You always hear some barking laughter coming from us.  Today it was FAIL Blog

First of all...shit like this makes us more than slightly irritated and embarrassed of our southern cousin:

  Stop SUING people/companies due to your own callous stupidity.  OMFG STOP IT. BAD! NO!

Oh did I mention that we are both signing up for the BIGGEST LOSER contest here on site.  We have to fork out $100 each so we better commit to it.  I've been total slack ass with the gym lately so this will be a good challenge to focus on.  Perhaps this may work for me?

I highly doubt it.  That may work for Sara because baby Jesus loves her. 

This is delectable:

 This is all kinds of WTF Wrongness...

Manfriend said I had to add this next one and well I had to agree.  This is a Bronze Statue.  Someone actually designed and made this thinking it was sweet and visually appealing.
"You wanna drink lil sister?  Well you know the drill!"

Last but not least is the Children's Dental Aid FAIL.  Totally creepy and made me laugh so hard I think I leaked a little. 

This is Awesome my friends. WANT.



  1. What!?!?!? You don't think Praise-r-cise will work for you? Obviously you've never tried it!

    Hahaha...ok...I nearly peed myself laughing at this stuff!

  2. That's what I like to hear!

    I freaking love that teddy bear. I just can't help but laugh.


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