Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Viva La Canadian Hooka! *Update

I'm all for this not because I'm considering it as a future career option. It's going to happen and has been happening through the centuries so I support the safety of the ladies of the night.

What's your feelings?

*****Update:  I can't believe I spelled Canadian incorrectly in the title.  I should be flogged. I had hookers on the brain...


  1. Well since the whole fed to pigs thing, I think making it legal forces more rules...I don't think its a bad thing. And besides, its the oldest profession around, you'd think that somewhere along the line people would realize that it isn't going to dissappear just because we ignore it.

  2. Yeah the whole Pickton thing was absolutely disgusting.

    There's so many other serial killers out there as well. It's time to provide the means for these women to protect themselves. Those "means," are rights and laws in place.

  3. Well I think this will get shot down, only as our right to self defense in this country is very limited. This will now go to the supreme court of Canada to be decided. If it goes through our consitution will need to be written. This opens the doors to allowing people the right to actual self defense which opens up gun laws and so much more. You ladies can thank P. Trudeau for that fine piece of toliet paper of a consitution we have.


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