Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Super Slammed & Cookie Monster

This is a 14 day stretch up in the big ol Mud Pit that is the Oilsands.  
I have been up to my neck in invoices and work outs.  

Yes Manfriend and I signed up for the "Biggest Loser," Challenge at work.  So far I lost 4lbs in 4 days (I think I may have gained those back last night thanks to my friend the crantini).  I'm not in it to win even though there's a big chunk of change at stake.  I want to lose the weight but I want it to be permanent not the quick drop.  Done that before and it comes back and quickly.  

So between work (I'm on a computer for 10hrs straight) and trying to live a healthy lifestyle in camp I haven't had any time to blog.  

Nothing really exciting or amusing has happened as of lately any way.  I'm pretty much boring as fuck.  

I will resume my regular schedule soon. 

What I will leave you with is some random cookie monster stuff that I found.

Oh and if you need some good giggles check out Regretsy

FYI I would totally sport this shirt.

Fuck me this made me laugh.



  1. Ugh, work has been ridiculous lately. I feel like I haven't had any time to blog either. : (

    I do love those pictures though. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Still can't believe they're making him eat veg. It's like having him neutered. "A Cookie is a Sometimes Food" he says with a mixture of sarcasm and fear in his eyes. You just know the executives are pointing a gun to his head slightly off screen.

    Cookiemonster is a national hero. I've modeled my entire life after his noble selfishness. Or is it selflessness? Well, either one's good.

  3. Yeah I've been just swamped. Also between the long hours in front of the computer, I don't want to look at a monitor when I get back to the camp room.

    Always do what I can for a laugh!

  4. Drake...I'm surprised someone beat you to the first comment!

  5. I was occupied with a bottle of wine, coming to terms with the fact that an attractive woman such as yourself is officially off the market. :P

    Actually I was asleep. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

  6. C is for cookie, thats good enough for me!!!

  7. Drake - Hell, we t'ain't married yet.

    Crap...he reads this.

  8. You think he might get the wrong idea reading your blog title by replacing the '&' with 'by'? Because when I skimmed over it, it seemed like an easy mistake to make.

  9. Naw...he knows I'm not into Furries.

  10. Holy Cookie Monster tribute!

    I love me some S. Street. Checking out Youtube videos bands guest starring on the Street (how cool do I sound right now?) gives me way too much pleasure for my age.

    I'm definitely in love with the image of C. Monster lighting up some cookie dough in the bathroom. Is that a scene from Cookie Monster's E! True Hollywood Story?

  11. Hahah That was from an episode of Family Guy. I almost peed a little when I aw that episode.

  12. cookie monster is beast!!! :D


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