Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanging Cooter for Truck Bumper

For those of you who have not checked out Regresty yet, clickity click the above link.  

If you're from Alberta and own a Vajay-jay, you'll appreciate this one

(I hate those damn wrinkly nut sacks hanging from truck hitches.)


  1. haha I hate those damn nutsacks. I agree that there are just WAY too many of them in Alberta.

    I totally need me a truck hitch cooter to help get me through the day... maybe in a nice purple....

    also can we talk for a second about this little beauty? also from etsy... I think they go hand in hand


  2. I totally agree....who wants to look at a wrinky nutsack on a truck...fuckin ridiculous.

  3. haha, just remember what you ask for, you may just get....
    think of all those perverts playing with your cooter when your not looking....

  4. I hate the nutsacks, and I'm for a hanging cooter! (And chads. We need hanging chads!)

  5. Jane- Hahahah Oh Ewww. I would so buy one of those for my Grandma. Bet ya 10 bucks she would wear it!

    Steve - Only 1 pervert does that to my cooter and by not looking you mean sleeping.

    Sadako...What is a hanging chad? Someone help me out on this one!


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