Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stall Talking

Noooooo....I'm not talking about that type of stall.  

I'm talking about this type:

Yeah more like that kind but 3/4 of the size.  Remember they're in a construction office trailer so it's rather lacking in room.  The average Maury Povich "guest," would not even attempt to enter one without being sprayed head to toe with WD-40.

It's small and down right uncomfortable if someone is in the stall next to you.  The proximity is too damn close for my liking but the positive side is there isn't a lot of women (They say it's 11:1 - Men to Women in Ft. McMurray/Surrounding Camps) so generally I can do my business in peace. 

I've had a quite a few run-ins as of late with this gal who likes to talk while in the stall.  It happens that  I'm the one first in the stall every time and she flies in there and randomly starts chatting. 

Weird and annoying.

All I'm thinking is dammit woman, I'm trying to concentrate on not pooting now that you're here and I can't do that and talk without sounding strained.  


That is something you do when you're slobbering drunk in some bar, not at the work place. 

Please refrain.


  1. HAHA i can so see the strain on your face :-I

    I've noticed of late that the guys wanna talk while standing at the urinal. I have no clue as to why they need to talk. But if one of them asks to shake my ....hand i'll punch him in the nose.

  2. That happened to me just the other day Steve. I mean it’s like really? REALLY? The guy’s exposing his giblets and thinks this would be the perfect time to lean over and start a conversation? I’m like “Yes we have been having some nice weather lately, better be careful tomorrow though because I hear it’s goi- WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”


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