Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Dirty Thirty-Fourth Birthday to ManFriend!!!

I'm not going to even start to tell you how Manfriend started his birthday at 1:30am this morning.  What I will tell you, it was not graceful, charming or dignified.  It was quite memorable for me and just another piece of ammo to tuck away for a later date. 

Tonight we are having a lil' shindig at the camp lounge and I'm guessing we'll be doing the same in a month because it will be my birthday (Oct 18th you little tramps...I best be getting some prezzies or at least well wishes!)

Birthday's seem to be loathed by many but I love 'em.   I figure it was the day the world was blessed with my presence so no matter how old and decrepit I am, I am gonna celebrate that bitch the best I can.  This is no easy feat when we're up North so I do what I can to make it a good time for Manfriend. I love him so much and I love to see him happy.  Of course a party where he's the center of attention (pffft attention whore) certainly makes him happy.  (I've seen the proof...don't try to deny it mister). Oh and a whole lotta booze and food that contains much greasy goodness adds to the happiness factor.   Of course his lovely hostess is the cherry on top.

People tend to place so much negativity to the fact that they are just getting older.  Yeah it sucks ass when you start discovering the signs of aging but hey, get over it at least you've lived another year!  KICK ASS YOU'RE ALIVE.          Once you've lost loved  ones from varying ages, you tend to respect those aged years more and more.  Life changes so quickly and so dramatically so enjoy every moment you possibly can.  Also don't forget to hug (not those uncomfortable lingering hugs, nor those weak back tapping hugs, just a good sturdy and meaningful hugs).

And to my Manfriend, I give him my hugs for the rest of our lives even after he's been a jackass

Love you Honey and hope you enjoy the shit out of your day. 

Here's some T&A to help your day along. 

And in reality:



  1. Well I love all the T&A that manfriend recieved. He is a lucky guy to have you be so nice to him. Hope he survives all the drinks.

  2. Yes he is a lucky guy! He did survive. We had to work at 7am so we took it some what easy.
    It turned out well and he had a good time which was my goal.

    He said "You Soooo Rock."


  3. Very nice selection of photos!

  4. Why thank ya!
    He's an ass man for sure.


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