Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Shall Return HUZZAH!

To be honest I've been busy relaxing after our 2 week whirlwind trip to the Bahamas which of course I'm going to brag tell you all about.  We've just been so busy with gaining weight and playing PC games (The Witcher is partly to blame as it's been eating up plenty of brain numbing I can't get #2 until I finish the first) that I haven't even been reading blogs. 
Plus my new laptop shit the bed after 2 months...piece o' shite Dell.  Good thing Manfriend is an IT guy and rebuilt it ASAP.  Mostly it was for his benefit so he could get his laptop back (The Witcher is on his as well and we can transfer the saved data).  
However, do not fear!  We shall be returning to the Great White North that is that asshole called Fort McMurray.  We are driving there tomorrow *Insert great whining and upset here*.  So that means back to the 10hr work days and being stuck in our camp room out in the middle of effin' no where.  Yes, I shall return to my regular programming. 

Just want to say, thanks for reading and sticking with me folks.  You assist in maintaining my sanity and for that, Manfriend thanks you too. 

PS: I haaaavvvve to go back to work on Monday...after 6 weeks off.  Fuckity!  This sweet taste of freedom is tough to let go.  However, the expanding waistline is saying; Time to get back to work and routine fatty. Besides, can't buy bigger clothes if you're not making money.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bragging Rights!

So we finally made it.  Oh I have the hellish holiday travel experience to share but it's 9:26am, it's hot, and I'm hungover.  You know what that means??  I sipping on a uber girly Bacardi Breezer and heading to the beach.

Mucho Luv

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's IT..I am the bahamas.....Picture Scavenger Hunt Anyone?

Holy Batshit the day has finally arrived!  The trip was booked 6 weeks ago and finally we board the plane at 7am tomorrow morning. 
  Yes this will be our beach for 2 weeks.  Actually, that's incorrect as we will be flying to Nassau next weekend for 2 nights and will be doing a bit of fine dining. That beach will be ours most of the time and watch for us kicking bitches off our desired seats.
 Today has been filled with running around, packing and cleaning.  Also trying to ensure that things are as easy as fucking possible for CaveDweller for when we're gone.  Even though he's been asked time and time again for certain routines to persist in the household, he forgets.  Apparently working from home takes a toll on his memory.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate someone looking after my dog but I still have to request time and time again that she be fed twice a day  (OMG pleasssse just do it! I ask nicely, am considerate, and even cook for you. ). Morning and night.   

Erm..Moving on..

7am we shall be boarding the flight to Toronto and from there we will be going to Freeport.  

We have wireless in the condo so I will be posting from time to time.  Forewarning, it may not in proper taste with worse grammar than usual but please do blame the sun and rum. Might as well blame the humidity as well since I am used to practically none in Alberta.  All that moisture may make my grey matter mushier than normal. 

So next thing is...What do you want me to take a picture of?!?!  Remember when I did the Picture Scavenger Hunt for our RV Trip in B.C?  Well I would absolutely love to attempt one in the Bahamas.

Please do let the ideas flow and I'll catch ya on the flipside!! 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1/1/11 and Urinal Cakes

So hope all you fat cats had a great New Years Eve and felt as shitty as I did when you got up.  Sure I stay out till 3am but come 9am I'm awake, crotchety and most certainly not in the mood, much to Manfriend's dismay. Pretty sure I did some sort of snarl bark in response to his physical endeavors.    
Yesterday I was all gung ho about making the hang over breaky so we have all the fixin's.  You know what happened?  I made a can of soup.  Fuck Bacon....yeah that's how bad I felt.  You know it's serious when I be dissin' the pork candy from ye gods.
After sodium loaded soup, it was off to the couch for some much needed, un-sexy, sprawllage.   Thank goodness we have 2 couches and even though I'm the smaller person I always end up with the big couch.  Now that's love bitches. 
Let the TV watching commence!
We started with the National Geographic channel with the first show being a documentary on LSD.  Then it was Afgan Heroin and following right behind a documentary on Marijuana.  ( Funny, you think it would start with Weed first and let the rest follow?) Then we have found our new favourite show:

Not only is it a show about drinking but they turned it into a drinking game as well!  It is also informational yet entertaining.  I'm a little jealous though because what a bloody DREAM JOB.  They get to travel, socialize, and drink on TV. Bastards.

So one more thing I wanted to share before I get back to my hair of the dog beer drinking. 

On Thursday we checked out this 'English' style pub we have never been to.  Our server was a Butterface and did not have any personality to make up for it. I also think that no one has actually taught her the pleasantries and duties outside of just bringing food & drinks to the table.   She was next to fucking useless and I'm very patient (believe it or not).   Anyways, Manfriend goes to the Loo (aka potty) and returns rather giddy.  He gets all excited to tell me about the urinal and some sort of plastic soccer ball thingy.  Have you heard of the fly in the urinal to assist those with bad aim?

 I tell him to go back and promptly return with pictures of this new ingenious thing! 

That soccer ball is attached to the goal net by a little it bounces around when you pee on it. 

How fucking bad ass cool is that?
So besides the crumby service, we would return just because of some of the nifty quirks, and they serve booze.  We're easy.

So everyone, enjoy your hangover day or for those preggers or clean-living lifestyle ...enjoy utilizing yet another productive day.  I know ours won't be.