Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1/1/11 and Urinal Cakes

So hope all you fat cats had a great New Years Eve and felt as shitty as I did when you got up.  Sure I stay out till 3am but come 9am I'm awake, crotchety and most certainly not in the mood, much to Manfriend's dismay. Pretty sure I did some sort of snarl bark in response to his physical endeavors.    
Yesterday I was all gung ho about making the hang over breaky so we have all the fixin's.  You know what happened?  I made a can of soup.  Fuck Bacon....yeah that's how bad I felt.  You know it's serious when I be dissin' the pork candy from ye gods.
After sodium loaded soup, it was off to the couch for some much needed, un-sexy, sprawllage.   Thank goodness we have 2 couches and even though I'm the smaller person I always end up with the big couch.  Now that's love bitches. 
Let the TV watching commence!
We started with the National Geographic channel with the first show being a documentary on LSD.  Then it was Afgan Heroin and following right behind a documentary on Marijuana.  ( Funny, you think it would start with Weed first and let the rest follow?) Then we have found our new favourite show:

Not only is it a show about drinking but they turned it into a drinking game as well!  It is also informational yet entertaining.  I'm a little jealous though because what a bloody DREAM JOB.  They get to travel, socialize, and drink on TV. Bastards.

So one more thing I wanted to share before I get back to my hair of the dog beer drinking. 

On Thursday we checked out this 'English' style pub we have never been to.  Our server was a Butterface and did not have any personality to make up for it. I also think that no one has actually taught her the pleasantries and duties outside of just bringing food & drinks to the table.   She was next to fucking useless and I'm very patient (believe it or not).   Anyways, Manfriend goes to the Loo (aka potty) and returns rather giddy.  He gets all excited to tell me about the urinal and some sort of plastic soccer ball thingy.  Have you heard of the fly in the urinal to assist those with bad aim?

 I tell him to go back and promptly return with pictures of this new ingenious thing! 

That soccer ball is attached to the goal net by a little it bounces around when you pee on it. 

How fucking bad ass cool is that?
So besides the crumby service, we would return just because of some of the nifty quirks, and they serve booze.  We're easy.

So everyone, enjoy your hangover day or for those preggers or clean-living lifestyle ...enjoy utilizing yet another productive day.  I know ours won't be.



  1. That has to be the sexiest urinal ever!

  2. Haha oh ewwww...I don't know if sexy and urinal should go together!

  3. That has to be the funniest urinal thingy I have ever seen.

  4. And I can't remember the name of it, but there is this awesome place to eat breakfast (buffet style) in Calgary that is an old black wooden building. That place sounds really good right now for my hang over.

  5. isn't that the guy from Three sheets? (another drinking show...)

    the urinals were fucking awesome!

    bacon is the a food i will miss after my impending heart attack...


    ya live until you die!

    Happy New Year!
    bruce johnson jadip
    stupid stuff i see and hear
    Bruce’s guy book
    the guy book

  6. Oilfield - Are you thinking of the irish pub Kilkennys? They have a wicked awesome hangover buffet style breakfast also with meats and cheeses and salads...omelets cooked to order.

    Bruce - Yes it is! Same guy from 3 Sheets. Oh also ...Bacon 4 Life!

  7. I don't remember the name, but the omelet made to order was there.

  8. Smugglers I think might have been the name.

  9. And on the business side of things even though it doesn’t seem firmly attached, noone would dare steal it.

  10. guys can have so much more fun peeing than chicks. Sure, we usually die 5 yrs younger (and the tombstone reads 'Nagged to Death. RIP bro') but at least we can write our names in the snow.

    Hardly any grub in the fridge here and I think the young feller used the milk money to buy ganj, but at least my houseguest is springing for pizza or donairs on a daily basis.

    Props and recommendations for Campus Pizza, southside Edmonotone, house special pizza with no weird canned shrimp. Its a meal, and it will leave you rubbing yr belly contentedly.

    Happy 1/1/11 indeed, we shall never see it again.


  11. Oilfield - That's the Newfie Bar in Calgary! Didn't know they did a breakfast buffet. Well if you get a chance check out Kilkenny at Brentwood. mmm tasty.

    Drake - You make a good point indeed. That's would just be disgusting however I wouldn't put it past some losers.

    Gord - I made up a Beef Stirfry with Udon Noodles for dinner. Loaded it full of yummy garlic to keep the immune system going.
    Um...Who is your house guest??

  12. That I guess gives new meaning to boy toy.

  13. Ok, that little urinate-on-soccer-ball gizmo should be in the lady's toilets too. We can aim!

  14. Sandra - Or how about a picture of R'Kelly's face?

  15. Umm were are all the party pics? When you were texting me you were party hardy!! So were are the pics you told me you were sending hmmmmmmm?

    Glad you had fun. And thats the first time I've heard of a waitres being called a butterface, will have to remember that when I'm out in the pub.

  16. I like the urinal with the football, but what is all that weird pink stuff below it?

    Us girls don't get to have any fun and games when we pee, so not fair :)

    Happy New Year CkretsGalore! xo

  17. I want a soccer net/ ball urinal cake in my home! That's genius!

  18. OMG! That urinal is Gods Gift to all cleaning people! Wonderful idea! Should invent something to put in our toilets at home.

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