Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That's IT..I am the bahamas.....Picture Scavenger Hunt Anyone?

Holy Batshit the day has finally arrived!  The trip was booked 6 weeks ago and finally we board the plane at 7am tomorrow morning. 
  Yes this will be our beach for 2 weeks.  Actually, that's incorrect as we will be flying to Nassau next weekend for 2 nights and will be doing a bit of fine dining. That beach will be ours most of the time and watch for us kicking bitches off our desired seats.
 Today has been filled with running around, packing and cleaning.  Also trying to ensure that things are as easy as fucking possible for CaveDweller for when we're gone.  Even though he's been asked time and time again for certain routines to persist in the household, he forgets.  Apparently working from home takes a toll on his memory.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate someone looking after my dog but I still have to request time and time again that she be fed twice a day  (OMG pleasssse just do it! I ask nicely, am considerate, and even cook for you. ). Morning and night.   

Erm..Moving on..

7am we shall be boarding the flight to Toronto and from there we will be going to Freeport.  

We have wireless in the condo so I will be posting from time to time.  Forewarning, it may not in proper taste with worse grammar than usual but please do blame the sun and rum. Might as well blame the humidity as well since I am used to practically none in Alberta.  All that moisture may make my grey matter mushier than normal. 

So next thing is...What do you want me to take a picture of?!?!  Remember when I did the Picture Scavenger Hunt for our RV Trip in B.C?  Well I would absolutely love to attempt one in the Bahamas.

Please do let the ideas flow and I'll catch ya on the flipside!! 


  1. I'm happy for you.

    Please return to me safely. I'm so glad you'll have "wireless", for it's the internet that binds us... :)

    I do expect you to perform Kareokee while you are there.

  2. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

  3. You are coming to my country, YAY! Have fun fun fun please.

    Scavenger hunt:
    Unopened Coconuts
    Conch not in the shell but not cut up
    Empty (emptied by you preferably) bottles (at least two) of Kalik - regular or gold, fuck the light. And it's Kuh-lik. Kuh like cuss, not like oKay. Also conch ends with a k sound, not a chuh sound.
    Lonely stretches of empty empty road
    At least one shot of a ridiculously-over-sized Bahamian booty. It's remarkable.

    It is both remarkable and awesome that you have embraced the word fuckery. Good job.

  4. Have a great time.

    And take and post a lot of pictures.

  5. Ahhh!!! Have fun!!!! Take a picture of something that can have "that's what she said" after it!

  6. Have a blast! AHHHH Sunshine! The Bahamas will be a fabulous adventure...

    Enjoy the smell of suntan lotion, drink lots of rum and rest only when sober....

    I was in NYC last March and with 20 degree weather and I almost frozen my tush off. So much work to put on all those clothes too... I am sure you are looking forward to donning a swim suit and getting lots of sunshine...


  7. What do I want you to photograph?

    Anything dark and gorgeous, obv.

    And I do NOT mean furniture or food stuffs.

    (Shirtless and muscular a bonus.)

    Have a brilliant time!!

    - B x

  8. Of course you are having an awesome memorable time, so consider that said enough. Pictures?

    smoking hot bikini babes (girls)
    odd wildlife (human or other phyla)
    funky cool signs

    Giant cumulus clouds

    Go bake n drink now, run along...



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