Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Shall Return HUZZAH!

To be honest I've been busy relaxing after our 2 week whirlwind trip to the Bahamas which of course I'm going to brag tell you all about.  We've just been so busy with gaining weight and playing PC games (The Witcher is partly to blame as it's been eating up plenty of brain numbing I can't get #2 until I finish the first) that I haven't even been reading blogs. 
Plus my new laptop shit the bed after 2 months...piece o' shite Dell.  Good thing Manfriend is an IT guy and rebuilt it ASAP.  Mostly it was for his benefit so he could get his laptop back (The Witcher is on his as well and we can transfer the saved data).  
However, do not fear!  We shall be returning to the Great White North that is that asshole called Fort McMurray.  We are driving there tomorrow *Insert great whining and upset here*.  So that means back to the 10hr work days and being stuck in our camp room out in the middle of effin' no where.  Yes, I shall return to my regular programming. 

Just want to say, thanks for reading and sticking with me folks.  You assist in maintaining my sanity and for that, Manfriend thanks you too. 

PS: I haaaavvvve to go back to work on Monday...after 6 weeks off.  Fuckity!  This sweet taste of freedom is tough to let go.  However, the expanding waistline is saying; Time to get back to work and routine fatty. Besides, can't buy bigger clothes if you're not making money.


  1. Fuckity indeed! Well, enjoy the rest of the weekend, and good luck next week.

  2. hello, i'm your newest stalker. you're hilarious, i'm glad you're going to be blogging again. on a regular basis. hopefully every day. maybe even several times a day. dare i say it, even several times an hour?

    no pressure though. welcome back :)

  3. Oh, I feel so bad for you. You have to go back to work after two weeks in the Bahamas? That is sad . .Just messin' with ya ;)

  4. Well I'm sure the frigid cold of the armpit of the world awaits your return with arms wide open.

  5. Shoot didn't see you blogging, thought sharks must have eaten you.

  6. That photo of the very robust cat is a travesty! Bad enough when we do it to ourselves (food just tastes too good sometimes) but what were they feeding that poor thing! It's like a basketball and a cat had a child.


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