Monday, October 4, 2010

Incarcerated Lover and Books on Tape

Welcome to another one of my fuct up dreams.  
I haven't even touched Champix for months.  (Speaking of which on Oct 9th it will be 5 months since I quit smoking!!)

I remember visiting this jail but it was more of a hostel that was institutionalized like.  Hey, that's the best way I can describe it.

Manfriend was there and we were both dressed quite nicely and had the air of we-were-bloody-well-important-round-these-parts.  That bitch Lindsay Lohan made a lil cameo in my dream.  She was all flailing around trying to make a buck in my subconcious. 

So there was this little redheaded dude that was doing a life sentence in there who took quite a liking to my hot piece of ass.  He started writing me these love letters that looked similar to poems.  I can't remember the words but it's the way it was structured on the page in large, messy, similar to that of a 8 year old's printing.  

Manfriend knew about it and we decided to keep it all hush hush and found it rather amusing.

Then creepozoid's Mother  started sending me shit.  It several books on tape wrapped in this cheezy birthday wrapping paper.  This wrapping paper was yellow with nightmare inducing clown faces. Lot of Red on this yellow paper.
Along with the prezzie's was a note stating that he was getting out and coming to visit me so the presents were for him to pick up.

I started to panic and contact the prison authorities, quietly as I had an election coming up. (Yeah WTF..I don't know..don't ask me.) 

Then I saw a picture of his Mother and found out she was severely mentally disabled and BIG.  Like...cue in the hillbilly banjo music.  Like she was from Louisiana or something.  (BAHZING Take that Sara  !!! Just kidding but not really...Don't hate).

The rest of the dream was me trying to figure out how to avoid meeting this guy and apologizing to him for leading him on even though I never responded to him once.

I woke up in my usual confused state.  Then I was pissed that Lindsay Suckhan made was in my dream. Someone needs to lock that Cee-yoU-Next-Tuesday away.





  2. Haha! That is some fucked up shit!

  3. bahahaha! Love the Lohan pic! The chest hair makes her somehow less awkward!
    Your dreams are the stuff Hollywood movies are made of...start writing that script!

  4. I've always had an active imagination!

    I still remember dreams from when I was a kid.
    Horror flicks are something I avoid because sure as hell I'm going to dream about it.


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