Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 18 No Smokie Smokie...and Battle of the Belly

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  So come June 29th I've broken the habit of smoking right?  Hah, well that will never really go away but it's getting easier every day.  I am trying quite hard to start the good habit of exercise and weightloss but son of a......  

At least one thing that's easy for me is eating healthy.  I know it's sick but I actually enjoy it.  Mostly because foods that are bad for you make me feel bad so I try not to eat them.  When Manfriend and I started dating he would be shocked when I wanted to eat things like fries, hot dogs, bacon..etc

I told him I still want junk food. I like junk food especially the salty stuff and well if cheese is involved I am so muthafukin down yo.  Then my guts absolutely hate me and I feel their wrath.  The best solution is to stick to the healthier stuff.  I enjoy the taste of natural foods which is a taste that a high percentage of North Americans have lost.  There are so many people I have met or know that will not consume anything that isn't packaged, canned or processed.  Too bad for them and their colon. 

Generally I pack the hell out of my suitcase full of food when I head up to site. I don't mind taking the extra time to make my lunch and it tastes a hundred times better than a camp sandwich.   My coworker was kind enough to bring some fresh berries and veggies in from town for me this morning so I had this oh so nummy breaky:

 OMNOMNOMNOMNOM Yes I make that noise at times.

Ok...I'm painting a way healthier picture...actually I'm just not showing you the whole picture.  Here it is:

My vitamins are a meal in itself.

 Yes, yes.....I know how terrible energy drinks are for you so piss off and let me keep some vices.  Actually the need for this vice this morning was due to this vice: 

 What I had planned for the evening was going to the gym with Manfriend, dinner, and retire early.  I was absolutely roped into by these bad influences I know.  I'm gonna call her "Knickers," ( I like riffling round her knicker drawer) and her manfriend, "Frenchfry."  Actually Knickers is a gym freakazoid and goes all time but it was her influence on my Manfriend that directed to us to the Lounge.  Such atrocious behaviour!! Really it's appalling.....*sniff*sniff*  What's that you smell?  Oh right...Bullshit.
French fry was telling me that I should only do 15 mins of cardio then go to the weights to keep my interest at the gym.  I said I only wanted to concentrate on the cardio right now while in the gym.  Well I had the gym to myself today.  I did 15 mins on this bike thingy that's at a lower angle. I know know wtf you call it but it just about killed me after that amount of time.  I moved onto rowing and started dying there too.  Bored and loudly mouth breathing (more like a gasping for air like a floundering fish), I decide to try it Frenchfry's way.  

As I stood there panting staring at the weights I was attempting to remember my old routine from about a DECADE ago.  Shit, I can't even remember if I took my birth control pill last night or not.  WHOOPSIE.  Things slowly came back to me and I gapped out doing reps, used the exercise ball and did some token yoga.  Before I knew it an hour had passed.  Frenchfry was right so a thank you out to him and positive influence...unlike Knickers. 

Just teasing, you know I heart you right in your special place, Knickers!

PS. No dreams to report.  It's more that I can't remember what I was dreaming.  I can thank Vodka Vice for that.


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