Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ms. Dreamsweridalot

This is going to be a recap of some of my dreams I've had the last few days (GO CHAMPIX!!).  They're short and choppy descriptions because I tend to forget a lot of details but really details aren't necessary.  The gist of the dreams is where it's at...because they make no bloody sense.

June 15th
I remember being in a large grassy yard just hanging out.  In front of me stood a mini (about 3 ft tall) baby purple buffalo.  It was a special purple mini was a talking purple mini buffalo.  Not only that, it had just been born and while talking to me about god knows what, it was slowly shaking off the chunks of afterbirth.  That's all I remember in the dream and don't recall what it was telling me.  It was a dream about a talking, afterbirth shaking, purple, mini buffalo. What .. The.. Hell. 

June 16th
This dream was like I was watching a movie.  Starts out with these two gelatinous slug looking like things on a sidewalk.  They were shriveling up and dying on our planet till one of them realizes they can slide through the sidewalk cracks and absorb the moisture from the grass growing there.  Then they started latching on to all sorts of mammals and then humans, sucking every H2O molecule possible.  It was kinda sci-fi horror flick, which I do not watch for obvious reasons, with the slug thingys growing massive in size killing everything in their wake.  I actually didn't mind this dream because I wasn't involved in it.  Guess I was ok watching everyone else get killed. 

Apparently there's already a multitude of books about man eating slugs.  One is named plainly, "Slugs," by Shaun Hutson. The cover copy states: They slime, they ooze, they kill... Sounds riveting. These slugs better travel at a supersonic rate on a planet where salt does not exist nor does any of the buttloads of the natural predators.
June 17th
There was so much going on in my dreams last night but I had a couple cocktails last night (flying home's tradition) I don't quite remember a lot.  I was in front of a ancient Aztec like building that was thriving with life.  This was cool and I even said so in my dream.  Next dream not so cool.  I had just finished banging a sorta-coworker in some big ass loft.  We were laying down on a foamy with this thin baby blue blanket.  I was on my back  and he was propped up on his elbow staring deeply at me.  My first thought was, "Oh did this happen. Oh my god I am such an asshole cheater. What the hell made me do like that?!?! Well lets just get out of this situation gracefully and deal with the guilt later."  At that point he says to me, "I love you."  I go into a silent screaming panic thinking..look at what you did.  Great, just fucking great!! I started to panic so much I woke up.  This never-going-to-be-named-sorta-worker is absolutely random and is a very nice person in waking reality.  Problem is that it's very awkward for me the next day when I see the person and they're hanging around my cubicle.  I can't make eye contact. I feel dirty.  It's like he knows. 
However, I wish I could remember the sex part (there was fuzzy memories) so I would know if it was good or not. 
                              Sometimes they're really, really, reaallly good.

Basically that's all I got right now.  I will try to post later about the whole quitting smoking bit as well as the attitudes of some smokers that I've been thinking about. 

Dream On.



  1. Since I know who the Never-To-Be-Named Coworker is... this just adds to the funny since he comes by my office constantly hehehe and you blush each time he does ROFL
    Love your dreams!!! They make my day every morning

  2. Gotta love messed up dreams. I think if I started a dream journal I would scare myself. I don't have the benefit of Champix, but I seem to manage a pretty twisted subconscious anyway...I don't recall any childhood trauma...

    Well, who knows! Keep up the good work with not smoking!!

  3. Oh I'm twisted normally too Sara. You already know that though!


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