Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gimmie a Couple Days

Been off on Holidays and by that I mean driving to Grand Prairie and back to Calgary, Manfriend's Mom's Surprise birthday party, and busting out the green thumb to make our front yard NOT look like booze infused renters.  Now we look like booze infused owners. 

Tomorrow heading back to site and back to work but I promise I will speak of our adventures and how effin' badly I had to repeat to myself, "I'm not a smoker."

Ta-Ta for now Kiddies!



  1. Will you send me some no smoking mojo? Because I'm really wanting to go smoke one RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW.

    Oh, and I wasn't going to write anything dirty, but then I saw the part where you practically TOLD me to write something dirty so now I have to live up to expectations.


  2. Rectum, you rock.

    This last week was such a damn challenge. Especially the 8 hr drive when I got bored. I reaaaalllly wanted a cig. I got a bit edgy and bitchy at times ( PMS doesn't help). I made it through but now I'm back on the work site where there's a smoke shack at every turn. GRRRness.
    So I'm filling my face with Healthy snacks. Hitting the gym after work helps as well. Oh lots of sex too. That can eat up a lot of time...or *cough* not.

    You can do it girl. No smokie smokie!

  3. Hey Jill! Congrats on quitting. At this point it's purely psychological...that should be comforting!

    This past monday was my one year anniversary of quitting butts. Best thing I've ever done, and with all the money I've saved in the past year I'm taking off to Peru and Bolivia for three weeks.

    Enjoy being a non-smoker :)


  4. Congrats on the one year!!

    Peru and Bolivia for 3 weeks hey? Nice..bring me a prezzie. tee hee ;)


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