Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bugs & I'm Creepy too! *Update

This shall be my Bug post...hence the title. 

There's plenty of big nasty bugs up here.   I had a tar sands beetle land in my hair the other day.  It did not end well for it.

This is a Salmon/Stone Fly:

I met this lil guy this morning as I was motoring to work:

He is a Cicada ( I believe?).  I actually heard it first.  Not great walkers...just scratching around in the dirt. Incredibly creepy when flying.

Yes Cicada's are found in Alberta.  The Royal Alberta Museum  has some interesting facts about bugs found in Alberta.  

I am one of those weird girls who likes bugs.  I don't like them on me or anything creepy like that.  I just find them interesting.  Thank my Mom for that.  She taught me not to be uber girly and squeal with horror when I saw a bug.  My foot is 500 times bigger than bugs.  I have the means to defend myself. 

Oh of course when I was typing this...this landed on my drab cubicle wall:
I knew a guy who had "Mottephobia,"a fear of moths.  What. A. Pussy. 

*July 2010
This was a lil fella I saw before I was done my last gig there.

I heard it scratching around in the dirt. Creepy.

**Aug 18th 2010

Manfriend went to the warehouse and set me the msg stating something about this spider living there. It is living between two jersey barriers ( big ass cement blocks) with a pimping, mansion of a web. 

Apparently the guys actually feed her.  That is so mudderfockin' cool.


  1. Ok, I am an absolute pussy. I can't stand any flying bugs because they have the potential to get caught in my hair (curls + volume = bug death trap). I don't scream like a bitch though: I stay calm and grab a flip flop.

    This post makes me appreciate the pollution blanket in london destroying all wildlife. God bless.

  2. Well I'm right there with you about liking bugs thing. They are just so cool to look at!

    However, if they land on me, it's sudden death. No excuses.

  3. Gemma - From your writing it would be hard to imagine you as an absolute pussy!
    This are oilsands bugs so I think they can withstand hardcore pollution. You hit them at 100km/hr down the highway and they don't even squish. I think they just walk it off.

    Megan - Best exhibit I seen at Science World in Vancouver, was the bug exhibit. walls and walls of pinned up bugs from all around the world.

    Sudden death hey? Vicious...I like it. rawr

  4. I like bugs, too. From a distance.

    Where ARE you? The tar sands?

  5. I truly am a pussy and my momma made me that way. Squeals and all. The only thing I can instantly kill if it's on me is an ant.

    I can't sweep up dead bugs, kill live ones, with a shoe or otherwise, I run away if I see them, climb up on chairs and tables to get away, etc, etc.

    My major in college was Biology, so I get the fascination with them, but that's all in theory and confined to paper, where I can read about them.

    End pussiest comment ever.


  6. Hey! I resent that it's not my fault that I see a bug and end up squealing like a girl :)

    I'm just lucky I have you across from me to come get them out of my office... hehehe

  7. Janiece - Yeah I work up in the evil oilsands north of Ft. McMurray. Please don't hate!
    Oh and I so enjoy reading your blog. It's been great reading your travels to Quebec!

    Lorraine - It's ok to be a pussy, it happens. If you're cute enough, it's forgiven. muahah.

    Maria - Not for much longer!!

  8. I'm not really a haytah, at least when it comes to the harvesting of fossil fuels. Since I own some Exxon-Mobil stock, that would be a "Hypocrisy, thy name is Janiece" moment.

    Don't get me started on YEC, though...

  9. Does YEC stand for Young Earth Creationism? Sorry, I had to google it and I think we would have similar views/opinions on that.

    Funny enough, there is more green minded people up in the oilsands that you would think.


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