Friday, July 16, 2010

Damn Drunken Dogs

Here I am...back home again.  

It took a few plane challenges to make it mind you.  The site Calgary flight was supposed to leave at 4:30pm but apparently it brok'd on it's way up from Kelowna so it was diverted to Calgary where it laid down and had a wittle rest.  I'm pretty ok with not getting on that plane.  Still we had to get on the flight that stops at Edmonton and it was stifling hot with minimal air circulation.  

To make a cranky story short...I made it home.  We went grocery shopping STAT and then had some nice BBQ steaks, grilled zucchini, and salad.  I fucking love summer, by the way.

So I have this stupid girly addiction, which I blame on Manfriend, that I divulge in every time I'm home.  I go for a pedicure and get my nails filled.  In the burbs there is a crapload of businesses ran out of women's homes for discounted rates.  Sounds shady?  Naw, just comfy.  My nails, hair, and dog grooming all is done in some suburbia home near by.

This morning was wonderful.  There I was getting a pedicure, reading the new edition of Canadian Living Magazine, snacking on blueberries, while watching The Dog Whisperer.  Oh I was also chatting on MSN on my blackberry with this youngin' I know back east who told me I was very suburban house wifey like.  I replied with a Yup and is pretty damn good.  Plus my toes look sextastic.  

Of course, I got some even more snagglefrazz whoreish looking tips.  Matches my Manfriends shirt. 


Funny enough, I went to get my nails done, there was my hair dresser..reminded me I need to send her an email to make an appt for a trim.  She has baileys in her salon set up in her basement.  Booze and a haircut you say?  Book me in.

So back home I headed to shove food down my face hole.  It's so nice not to be in camp.

Oh it tasted fantastic.

I try to embrace the healthy living at home.  That damn dog of mine can't stay off the wine.

She has a problem.  Look at that conniving mug.

 Man friend has been working hard on the fence and finishing it up.  

Oh and the flower bed has survived!!  Takes quite a bit of reminding for CaveDweller (Manfriend's brother who lives in the basement and looks after house/critters) to water but they lived.  I knew he had it in him.

The front lil' dogwood bushes have survived as well.  It's a small start but looks way better!

Shay-Shay is such a cam-slut
Of course Manfriend has his own Go-Juice, I realized.

Kidlet and I were supposed to stain the fence..."antique brass"...but we've had a thunderstorm moving in and it's best to ensure you're not going to have rain in 24hrs after you stain. FYI..My dream job would be naming either carpet, paint or tile. That shit is wacked with no relevance therefore, perfect for me. 

So it's Kidlets 11th (real) birthday today.  She had a celebration earlier before all her friends went on summer vacay.   So this is what she was doing for a bit:

Yes, that is WOW.  Oh and a messy desk...shaddup and keepy your OCD organizational tips to yourself yo. 

So tonight, we shall dine...on Greek Cuisine.  Yes....I've been asking to go out for Greek for months.  Kidlet is my Bestest Homie.  werd.


  1. I hear ya! I have no fewer than 3 friends who do nails from their house. Its the new stay at home mom job apparently. But the fumes would kill me!

  2. Hi Jilly,
    Thanks for the link.. Great Job on the blog! Yard looks better than the photos I saw of the prairie weedfields. BTW best looking toes so beware of the twisted foot fetish crazies.


  3. That salad and your nails both look awesome by the way. Also love the pic of Shay with the wine...better look out for that one! lol

  4. Melicious - Julie has a good ventilation system going on because the fumes bother her as well. I don't know how people could handle it without a system set up like that too.

    Lenny - read my blog! You dirty foot fetish bugger you!! How are you doing??

    Sara - Thanks darlin. You know how I love my salads.

  5. Hi Jilly,
    Things don't really change from site to site,
    still same dysfuntion. Here things are gone to pot-ash. Back to pender island this weekend for a relax and copious amounts of wine.


  6. Just saw the G-man and I was asking about you.
    Did you set up an email yet???

    Wish I was heading to Pender Island. Been busy around the house mind you. That always feels good!


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