Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuna Go Juice! - Dream

This is just a quick recap of a dream. This dream occurred between 5:20am and 6:00am, when I had thought I hit snooze but hit, have a lil sleep in and then wake up in a flurry of a panic.   

Not too sure where I was in the dream but it had a small town feel to it.  The lead and coordinator for our massively massive department (really it's just the 3 of us) was there.  I shall call them HeWhoFillsNoGas and Feek (Fifty Yr Old Geek...he's never going to share bacon with me after he reads this). 

I was stuck waiting for them and I wanted to go home and see Manfriend.  HeWhoFillsNoGas insisted that I had to have a loaf of white bread.  I was trying to be polite and say I was ok without it especially since  I tend to avoid that intestinal gum.   He wouldn't take no for an answer finally I just agreed and guess what?  He didn't have the loaf of bread so we all had to go to the store to pick some up.   grrr.   Naturally, Feek was driving so we all piled into his truck.  I was sitting there waiting when Feek said he had to fuel up. Grrrr.
I calmed myself thinking it would only take a few minutes but it seemed to be taking longer.  I asked Feek what he was doing.  Apparently he was looking for Tuna.  GRRRRR Why was he looking for tuna?  To add to his Fuel because he gave his truck more of a boost, of course. GRRSNAGGLRAFERLFFFuuuuckkkk

I was right pissed, I just wanted to go home. Then I remember swallowing a handful of pills, very casually, but then I realized that I didn't know what I swallowed.  This put me into a panic and I was trying to make myself throw up...then I woke up and realized my morning was fucked.  

To make it better, as I flew outta bed and into the shower I pinched a nerve in my neck.  Now I can't turn my head to the left without a massive shock of pain.  

But hey, I fly home today and get to see Manfriend, Kidlet, and Shayla.  If HeWhoFillsNoGas tells me I have to have a loaf of bread Imma kick him in the shins and throw a tuna can at Feek.  

PS:  I did not take any Champix either.  So I'm that messed up without drugs.



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