Saturday, July 10, 2010

What a Jerk - Dream

Of course I've had batloads of weird dreams but if I don't record them right away I often forget.  One that I do remember from the week that I took off was short but funny...once I fully became aware it was not real and I couldn't be pissed at Manfriend.

We were standing in our back yard, where there is no sod as of yet so it kinda looks like this: 

Take away the trees and replace with new suburban houses, which some still don't have sod in the front.  Somehow the guy right behind us has made it so absolutely nothing lives/grows in his muck that surrounds his house.  It's kinda concerning really...WTF is he spraying on there??!?  

Anyways you can also add loads of these to that picture as well:

Nasty, prickly bastards they are.  Gives quite the juicy *splat* when you get em with the weed whacker.  Satisfyingly so.

Back to the dream....So I was standing up on the deck and Kris with my dog Shayla, standing in the back yard.  When looking around I noticed all these massive holes similar to this:

They were much larger and deep.  Very deep.  

Shayla has been around many rodents ie: rats, chinchillas etc and doesn't have a problem with them.  She goes batshit crazy over the lil prairie gopher things..whatever you call them.  She all of a sudden goes mighty hunter like when one starts chirping/chattering at her.

The mighty suburban Huntress.
So off she goes exploring these holes, on the hunt.  I started yelling at Manfriend to grab her because she was going to fall in.  He proceeded to ignore me.  I jumped off the deck just as Shayla bounds down this hole.  All I see is her lil white bumhole flying down this hole and then yelping.  Well I'm freaking right out while yelling at Manfriend that we need to save her.  Then I turn and look at Manfriend and he says, "ALL RIGHT We get to use a backhoe!!"

I don't know why he seems to be such an uber-scroate in my dreams because that's really not his nature.  He's a sociable geek who is a good father and kind in nature. Just sayin' (Brownie points honey?)


  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking! It does get easier the longer you go without, but there are always temptations...I quit years ago and occasionally still find myself, when in the company of friends who smoke, thinking "Oh, I'll have one of those." ...and then I remember that I don't smoke.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always fun to have visitors.

    Have you been on the forum at blogger? There are several "regulars" who are quitting and recording their experiences with Champix.

    Be careful with your food husband gained 20 pounds and is now wearing what we call "fat boy pants." We're now eating a lot of fruits and veggies and he's dropped a few, not so much.
    Jann aka Nana

  2. Hahah "Fat Boy Pants."
    Oh I'm watching my food intake. It's hard because I'm working up North and in a camp. (I posted about the food that's in camps eek) My suitcase generally contains mostly food though. I bring my own bread and wraps and plenty of berries/fruit/veggies. The bread I get is thinly sliced and good gawd is there a ton of seeds in it. Fiber indeed.

    The fortunate thing is all camps have full gyms so I've been going every day. Sometimes I go twice a day. That helps eat some of my time up!

    Now just waiting for my honey to follow suit. Can't force him to quit...but I can encourage him to go to the gym. MWAHAHAHA


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