Monday, July 19, 2010

Days Off Recapp - Smashing plates, Still Not Smoking...and Not Eating Healthy

Mmmm Earl Grey Tea and Irish Cream.  Days off are mine and wholly mine to enjoy, especially my Monday.

The weather is the pits here today but it was pretty decent most of the weekend.  Apparently it was supposed to be pretty effin' hot when I was returning on Thursday...

Courtesy of Ms. Snaggletooth
It was kidlet'sn 11th Birthday so off we went for Greek.  On the way there I see this:

 Naturally, I was making fun of it, that's why I took the picture.  Manfriend tells me to hold on with the gey-bashing ( Please don't take that wrong Janiece would say..I'm not a Haytah) till we passed the cab.  Yeah, I'm asshole.  Of course this cab is an Avacab  that donates a portion of the fare to Breast Cancer Foundation.  *Facepalm*  Just a reminder for me not to be so quick to judge and a roaring cow.  MOO

Manfriend had never been for Greek before but me thinks, he enjoyed it.  I know Kidlet and I thoroughly ravished our meals.
We started off with some Saganaki and Spanakopita which they did a fantastic job on.  The main courses were fantastic

It's Beef of course, this is Manfriends Meal.
Moussaka for Moi! Eggplant, beef, zucchini, tomato sauce, cinnamon and just damn tasty.
 Since it was kidlet's birthday she got to smash a plate which of course, is fun!  I wanted it to be my birthday so I could smash something too. Breaking things is fun even when you're sober. 

Awww..we try.

Look at this bitch.
One thing I have been craving like mad since I quit smoking is lemons. Yes that is a lemon in my mouth in the above picture.  I know when you are smoking it's best to take 1500mg of Vitamin C.  Smoking depletes it like mad but now I'm craving citrus like a sonofabitch. 

So Saturday was our big outting to Auburn Lake.  

My friend, and previous manager, Princess lives in those burbs and invited us out for the day.  It's a private man-made lake for which you pay fees for in order to access it.  They have all sorts of stuff like kayaks you can use there.  Princess was planning on just bringing some towels and sunblock for he and the kids.  Not us.  Noooo it was a full mission of chairs, blankets, towels, picnic basket, cooler and vodka. 
There is also water to hydrate after the copious amounts of sun and booze.

It was so nice to kick back and enjoy life a little.  

Princess is single ladies.  Pre-requisites: ditsy, kinky, psycho, and it would be helpful if you sample vajay-jay from time to time. 
If you live in Calgary you would be familiar with all the jack rabbits around.  This young fella was hanging in the volleyball court. 

AWWWWW, these are coyote bait in our 'burbs.
I should be getting my ass in gear and do all the adult responsibility things in order to get ready to head back to site tomorrow morning.

*Oh...41 days without a ciggie.  Once again I be rockin' your faces. 

**Big news as well...Manfriend said he is going to start on the champix  this week as well!  I've actually stopped taking it (5 days now) and hoping my metabolism kicks in because this whole weight gain while working my ass in the gym twice a day, is really starting to piss me off.  

I will Cut You Bitchez!



  1. Glad to hear you're still successful, and even happier to learn ManFriend will be jumping on the bandwagon, as well. I was not successful by myself, as the Smart Man and I quit together. His joining you will VASTLY improve your long term chances of success.

    So, yay to you both!

    And yes, YEC is "Young Earth Creationist." Out of their fucking minds, the lot of them.

  2. That's definitely what I'm hoping for!

    HAh, yeah when I started reading about YEC I had to stop. It..hurt..too..much.

  3. What the fuck? I thought I was already following you. You should have told me I wasn't yet! I feel like I've known you for years for some reason. Previous life maybe? I'm pretty sure I was super rich in my past life. What about yours?

  4. Well I thought you might not be into that sort of thing... But I would love it if you were a groupie!

    My previous life? I may have been your concubine or #1 wife.


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