Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vending Machines vs. Me

Vending Machines : Gazillion
Me: 1

This is how it goes down.

Leaving my room in camp, I walk past one of the staff fighting with the pop vending machine outside my hallway.  I laugh and say that I don't bother with that machine anymore it's evil.
Not too sure how much that cocksucker has stolen from me as sometimes I was plastered and logic dictated to me that if I put more money in, it would work.  We all know how drunk logic turns out in the end.  

I was on a mission for a Coke Zero from the machines in the main building.  I put the exact change in, which is all I had on me.  It doesn't count one of the quarters. Son of a bitch!  I exclaimed that loudly and decided to put in my select anyhow.  It dispenses!!!!  Coke Zero and an Orange Crush!  

That actually jams it up and causes me to skin my knuckle dislodging them.  Doesn't matter because I win at life.  Manfriend bursts my bubble by saying I only win for today.  Tomorrow I play again.

Check out  Photo Mann  for weird vending machines in Japan.  Also check out  Wired which lists a Marihoochie vending machine.  

*** Tonight, I will work on answering a zillion questions from Miss Melicious   .  I'm by myself in camp this eve and self love doesn't take up THAT much time. 


  1. "pop machine"

    You northerners are so strange.

    : )

  2. Hmmmm "I Lose". Dam you Jill, now to make everyone else play the game....and to Sara, we don't have Soda machines :)

  3. Wow...I had such a moment there. Thought to myself...what else would you call it other than a pop machine/dispenser. Weird. Thanks for clearing that up for me Steve. Where you are located is kinda like sitting on the shoulder of our southern neighbour (not neighBOR) so you're down with their lingo.

    We just get a bunch of crazy ass Texan's up here.


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