Sunday, July 25, 2010

NO! BAD! Office Etiquette

Granted this is a Construction site but there is acceptable behaviour and retarded donkey fucker behaviour.

Leaving your dishes in the sink because you assume your mother or wife is going to clean up after your lazy ass is not acceptable.  There are people who like to wash their dishes daily and would like a clear & clean sink to do so.  Those people *ahem* have the tendency to toss your shit in the garbage. 

People who do not flush the toilet should have their toenails plucked gingerly, one by one.  No one needs to know how shitty your diet is. Literally.

Leaving used tampon applicators on the back of the toilet is just all kinds of disgustingly wrong.  The sad part, this has happened countless times. WTF.  Ok, so there's no small garbage cans in each stall but there is a stack of brown, waxed, paper bags on the back of the toilet, which you have placed your applicator on top of.  Next time, utilize those bags and place your feminine hygiene refuse in one then throw it in that massive garbage can right outside of the stalls.  K, thx bai.

Farmer Blows  into the kitchen sink...again...WTF. BAD! NO!

Taking a single bite out of a danish and placing it back with the rest.  Wrong. 

I don't even eat these but I noticed this happen 2 days in a row. Couldn't contain myself.
Apparently someone else felt the same.

Watching food rot and leaving it because it's not yours is not appropriate.  Again, your matronly enabler is not in the work environment.  Pitch in and throw it in the bloody garbage.

This was an empty desk that someone felt compelled to place bananas there in order for everyone to watch them rot.  This note was not of my doing but bravo! I have a lil bit more faith in Engineers.

This morning I see this next to my desk:
 A partially maowed cinnabun?  How could that possibly piss me off you ask?

 Last time I checked you don't dispose of food in recycle bins.  Generally if there is a blue bin in a OFFICE it is for PAPER ONLY.  Asshat. 


(Please do feel free to share your grossed out workplace experiences and passive-aggressive notes.  I eat that shit up!)


  1. HAHAHA welcome to the wonderful world of Engineering. Most of the culprits are shall we say of a forien desent. Here they live to stand on the toliets to crap, have hork cups at ther desk and cook really smelly nasty stuff.
    Enjoy your day :)

    Hork Cups. EWEWEWEW

    Yeah and I know there's some cultural factors in play which is no excuse.

  3. Men, in general, are disgusting creatures, I've learned. Every time there is a mess in my office, it's because of some disgusting old man mouthbreather.


  4. LMAO..."Old Man Mouthbreather."

    You're so colourfully creative.


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