Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some Recapping of Our "Vacation," and Charming Pictures

June 30th we both fly back to Calgary on separate flights in the evening.  July 1st...Yay Canada Day...we pack up the truck with the kidlet, the dog, and an expensive cake in a cooler and embark on an 8hr drive to Grand Prairie.  

Manfriend and his siblings, who are scattered all over the place, got together and organized a surprise 65th Birthday for their Mother in Grand Prairie.  It was quite lovely and sweet.  Next time we fly there though. 

We passed many cows ( MOO!!!!) and fields freshly cut making me miserable with allergies.   Also....FAKKKKK did I ever want a smoke!  Every stop was  a smoke break for Manfriend.  

 Nipple stop.

Fortunately I usually had to pee or the dog did so it kept me occupied a bit but it was a challenge.  So used to chain smoking (if possible) on the long drives.  It's purely out of boredom and was greatly missed.  Mind you, I remember how I used to feel after a long trip filled with chain smoking.  

Word to the wise: DO NOT google, "Yuck," images.  OMFG You can not go back.

We stayed at the Best Western in GP and it was the nicest one I've seen.  The one on Hastings ST in Vancouver certainly doesn't compare.  That one is located within walking distance to the Playland/PNE grounds.  While walking there with my Dad, Step-Mom and lil' Sister when I was 20, I found a cardboard sign with " Will Give Head for Food," written in jiffy marker.  Step-Mom took a pic.  Should dig that up sometime.   Nnneeeyways..   I was well behaved and made sure to utilize the gym, especially after chowing down on all the junk food on the road. 

Overall the trip was super busy and I so super wanted a smoke when I got a few glasses of vino in me.  I just kept saying what Manfriends Mommy told me to say..I'm a non-smoker, I'm a non-smoker, I'm a badass muthafukin' non-smoker yo!   That last part is all me of course but it does give me a giggle imagining her say that throwing her fist up in the air.  Hey, whatever works. 
Once we arrived home and saw our overgrown, white-trashesque, yard we knew something had to be done. 

 Yay for Manfriend!  He's a good Man doing all the hard work.  He knows his place. 

I even went so far as to plant a flower bed in the front.  

 Gimmie a break ok? It's late in the season to be planting and this was buttloads of work.  You did not see it before and the soil is like clay.  I will post another pic after we get back home to see if it's still alive.  Hold onto your britches. 

We worked pretty hard and it is soooo rewarding!  It's great exercise, get some vitamin D and it kept me focused.  So Tuesday night we did up a big BBQ feast galore and afterwards went for a healthy stroll to the park.   

Ok..Maybe not that healthy

That's not coffee.  He's also smoking.  Bastardo.

Park time half in the bag! WEEEEEE  What do we always do??  Bring the camera and make asses of ourselves!

Who wants a schmoke?!?! Oh I do!

I am so freakin' gnarly.


Ok..we make nice nice.
No, we're not camera whores at all!  The kidlet was ignoring us with her friend.

 I imagine, being 11, we are starting to become dreadfully mortifying to her.

Well I'm always perfect in Shayla's eyes at least.  That's why dogs rock.

Later on we did a fire pit in our backyard weed travesty.  (At least the front looks hella tubular). By that point we were "Full Cut," as Knickers would say and I inhaled enough wood smoke to make it feel like I smoked a carton the next day.
It wasn't a vacation but it was nice to spend time together as Manfriend, Kidlet and ma doggie.  They are kinda, sorta, well totally the most important things in my life so I appreciate every second we have together. 

Oh and it's been 33 days since I've had a smoke Bitches!!!  I rock your face.


  1. Go you 33 days without the evil weed is awesome.......

    what helped (helps) me is just saying I won't have this cigarette (4 years and still counting 13th June 2006)

    and your dog is a sweetie

  2. Thanks Shinju!

    Funny how some people I know tend to throw negative comments around. "Well lets see if you make it the year..." That gets my billygoat.
    I believe I'm going to do it and I may lapse but I don't want to go back because I don't want to start again.

    Plus it's much easier to work out when you're not smoking!

    My dog is a total sweetie and has some great character. She lacks grace just like me!

  3. I don't know why it made me laugh so hard, but seeing that picture of your husband smoking cracked me up. I think it's just the look on his face that's like, "What? .... Did I do something?"

  4. Yeah well you pretty much summed it up! Except with more aggression...What??!! *scowly eyeballs*


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