Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mamdou of Mauritania is All Ronreee

There's another social networking site out there called Tagged.  Don't know if you've heard about it and I don't quite recall where I heard about it or why I put a profile up there but Oh Lawdy!  I get some gem messages on there.   So entertaining that every once in awhile I log in and just leave it open, showing that I am online in order to get more of these msgs.  (Yes I know I need to get a freaking life all right?!)

My profile pic is of Manfriend and I.  My profile states I'm in a relationship. 
About Me: If you're looking "to have relations," with your fingers some typing and don't send me a msg.
From: Abdelmadjid D

hi how are u ? i look for everythin is good there.u look very cute .can u give ur msn or yahoo messenger.take care...........................  

From:  Ron


Finally I am in Calgary,AB.

How are you doing? I saw your profile that is really nice. I am 37/m/moved to Calgary first time with new job/single/no kids. I don't smoke/no drugs/drink once in while. I born in UK but was in USA from long time. I have my masters in computers from USA and I start
working as tech. manager in Calgary.

If you like, email me: ##############

we can talk on messenger also.

I hope we can be friend.

My Response:

Ron..did you read my profile or is this just a generic msg you are sending out to all the females you see from Calgary.
Happy Trolling.

Ron : We can chat on messenger.

Me:  No we can't.
From: Farid75 S
salut cava la jollie geann damme qui j.vue. ma belle ckret

Me: Where on my profile does it state that I speak french?

Farid75 S:
yes aiem speack franch ckret ma msn

Me:  Well I don't if you didn't clue in from my profile. 

For some reason I get a shitload of msgs in french.  Oh this next one I just love.

From Soule 
First of all my most sincere greeting that I am mamadou of mauritania well I'd like to meet you because nothing is beautiful in life than the sincere friendship I'm alone I feel all I am single it is important for me you know if the bother you because you can not change of ideas because we diferente culture of the past 11 years I am looking for the woman of my life woman life woman of

First of all, I don't understand most of your message.
Second of all, I'm not the woman of your life if you read my profile.

you can  be my friends  no probleme  give  me your msn please

 Absolutely Not
 Heni just sent me a msg: hii how are you if you want me a good friend added me my msn is ##########

I realized I've deleted some of the gems like the one that said ...Hey bimbo get some boobs and get a tan.  Totally fucking random.  Jersy Shore Sausage Sucker. 


  1. Well. I'm certainly glad to have not joined that particular site.

    Most of my spam has to do with "MAKE MONEY WHILE WORKING FROM HOME!" Since I, you know, work from home full time and my company graciously pays me to do so, I'm not sure why they think I'd be interested. But whatever.

  2. Janiece,

    If you ever visit the Calgary part of Canada there is a place for you, your partner and Boogie dog.

  3. Wait, wait, wait.

    You live in Canada and don't speak French? Isn't that against the rules or something? Also, are you going to hate me now for assuming that all Canadians speak French? Also, Fiancee told me the other day that he's pretty sure Canadians love Louisianians because we were all owned by the French at some point.

    As an amazing Canadian, can you confirm or deny this information?

  4. Oh, and I'm really going to need to sign myself up on that site. Any compliment is a good compliment in my book. (Ugly people need lots of confirmation.)

  5. Sara, I'm originally from Vancouver, BC. Seriously now, I speak more Mandarin than I do French. The population is over fifty percent Chinese there. Where I work is over 50% Newfies here. They have a language all to their own. So I'm all sorts of mixed up on the language front.

    You have to take French in school but not until Grade 7 and I found the teachers couldn't even speak it. You basically only need to know french if you're in Quebec or working for the Gov't.

    As for Fiancee's comment...I've never heard that before and not sure if I can ever pronounce, "Louisianians."

    Oh and Bitch t'aint ugly. I'd toss that salad any day of the week. (How's that for a rockin' compliment??)

  6. Wow, I'm in Ontario were everything is supposed to be both engrish (sorry some here at work pronounce it that way) and frog (French)and I don't speak french. I hate frog's (again French). They are so needy and annoying.
    As for Sara, she is a cutie. Nothing ugly about her.
    I so need to get on this site so I have another way to harrass you Jilly :)

  7. I am doing a vlog THIS WEEKEND so I can pronounce Louisianians for you. Super excited!

    Oh, and WTF? You don't have a twitter? This would make my life so much easier seeing as you're one of my best bloggy friends.

  8. Sweet! I'm looking forward to that. All by my lonesome tonight too. You'll gimmie some new material. *creepy laugh*

    I have a twitter acct but it's fucked up..right from the get go so I had a sour taste for it.

    Do ya use MSN msngr or BB msngr?

  9. For you, I shall try Twitter....again.

    That's how much you rock MY discotheque.


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