Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Bunch of Answers for Melicious - PS halfinthebag

And I'm doing as I'm told by Miss Melicious .

Had a few bevys so these answers are going to be quick or just full none the less or at least just to this point ..maybe not tomorrow morning when I read this.

1. If you could spend the rest of your life doing only one thing, what would that be?

That's  Eating lovely fud also is right up there but licking private bits beats hands down.

2. What is the best thing you can bake/cook:

That's far too tough to answer.  It all depends on the person I'm cooking for.  I know a lot of picky people and I really try to cater.  Manfriend said I was one of the best cooks he's ever known and that is one of the most cherished compliments.  (We know some damn fine cooks and no he's not fully of shit just for brownie points since he really doesn't require those.)

3. What household chore is your least favorite?

Vacuuming the fucking stairs.  I loathe carpet due to allergies.  Anyone please please wanna install some hardwood and supply it at a reasonably discounted price?  ANYONE???!  I will do..*cough* favours. 

4. If you could bring three things to a deserted island, what would they be?

First: Johnny Depp in his early 30's (Yes bitches loved him since 21 Jumpstreet but in his 30's he would still be virile and able to have great conversations)
Second: Endless supply of fresh water.  
Third:  A magic genie who would zap me back to reality but with that life-long self satisfactory feeling and endorphin rush-like happiness.  (MY)FOREVER.

5. What's the next big thing you are thinking about splurging on? 
Renting a condo in Barbados with ma honey (aka Manfriend) for a bit during the Alberta winter. 

6. Post a current photo

Oh shit...I've posted plenty already.  I must post one now then.  Non=naughty

Thatsss pretty steady mmmhand i gots there for all le' vodka
  Shit...I totally see my nipple there.  Damn those bitches are tight still.  

7. If you could have ANY pet EVER, what/who would it be?


 AWWW...these herbivore, semi-aquatic, social rodents may reach as large as 232lbs (top weight recorded currently).  FUCK YEAH. I want to walk one of these giant critters in a leopard print, pink harness around the Calgary urban sprawl 'burbs.  Plus they do seem very neat and characteristic.   Kinda like me.  

8. Who is your favorite musician/band and why?
Dammit...can't answer that.  Too much.

9. What celebrity annoys you the most and why?  

Pam Anderson.  You're from Vancouver Island (Courtney) and PETA.  Sorry Vegans, not a supporter.  Oh and I was so like that before I moved to Alberta.

10. What has been your biggest letdown lately?

Life? Ha..just kidding.  

11. Worst job you have ever had and why?

Nikko's in Calgary.  Reggie, the french-pervert-bastard, and his bitch face cow girlfriends restaurant.   This was located at Stanley Park Place on MacLeod Drive.  Treated me worse than anyone on this planet and I went out of my way for these fuckwads.

You know is never worth abuse.  Stop now and reflect.  

Karma is a bastard, they lost their business.  HA HA


12. Guilty pleasures?
Shit, my family reads this junk.  Well a few of them...which I appreciate so I resspkkt. yo

Ok...Sorry...I shall continue tomorra, as I am chatting with Manfriend on webcam.  He looks damn fine and vodka is involved here ppl.  ressppkt.

Wow...yeah I'm an asshole.




  1. What the fuck? You're way, way prettier than me, and I think I figured out what you're up to.

    You just want me to be your ugly friend when we go out, don't you? And then the guy you like will have to find a friend who will "take the grenade" and hang out with me all night so his friend can get some action with you.

    Reliving high school all over again..


    Shit, how do I respond to that?

    Man, that post got sloppy towards the end. BEST EVER.

  3. Just checking in to thank you for visiting my blog. My blog is kind of boring. I visityours to shake up reality a little. You do have a sense of humor. Thanks again.

  4. The sloppiness is excused because Manfriend looked hawt and vodka was involved and who can expect to not be sloppy at that point, am I right?

  5. Indeed m'lady. Indeed.

    Just as long as I'm not sloppy seconds. I prefer first spurt.



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