Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ok that subject line could mean something dirty and does sound rather dirty but it's not.  

Well I guess it is kinda dirty because there is crusty dust everywhere!  Who ever was the fucktard to come up with the idea of placing carpet in the cube farm in a construction trailer, deserves to be on the receiving end of a Donkey Punch. It's the OILSANDS...It's far more dusty and dry than Courtney Love's used up hatch snatch. 

All done now.  Needed a little venting.

So yes, I'm packing up my desk.  The last day working with this company is on Monday.  Been here since Oct 2008 so it's been a good stretch.   I start at this other project on Aug 3rd.  Manfriend is working there now and is eagerly anticipating my arrival.  We'll be in the same camp AND the same rotation.  This could be a bad thing for some couples but I think it'll be good for us.  You know what's bad for me?  Lack of regular sexin' time.   Having time off together at home every 6 weeks is bad too.  Besides, we have a Wii, PS3, 2 TV's, PC and laptop at camp to keep us separated.  By separated I mean Manfriend gets a break from my incessant need for attention.  I go so far as to get right in his face and go, "me..Me...ME MEMEMMEMEMEMME," then poke at his private bits.  So you see having 2 gaming consoles and the intertubes is very healthy for our relationship.  I get gaming and the world is dead to me for at least an hour.  

So I've been packing up my desk as well as developing Asthma from over exposure to dust.   Here's how it looked first thing this morn:

Stage 1..ok maybe some of it was that messy to begin with. shaddup.
This is after a couple hours. Oh and yes I bring my blankey to work.  My ass goes all waffle-ized from those damn chairs.
Ta-Da!  Now time for Nummy lunch and Blogging. *Pat-on-my-back*

So yes, this chapter in my life is coming to an end.  Jobs really are like chapters as your life is centered around them.  If my job is really atrocious I can behave like a cunning stunt but if it's decent I may appear to be somewhat of a well rounded individual.  Well kinda, sorta, but not really. 

Oh dear, almost forgot these charming pictures that Manfriend wanted me to post.  He actually does read my blog and enjoy it!  He will exclaim things to be "Blog Worthy."  These pictures and captions, which he also requested, are worthy.

How I see myself brushing my teeth.

How I look to Manfriend when I brush my teeth.

I Am Sizz-Fizzling. yo.

Manfriend doing what boys do best.  Pee on trees.


  1. Thanks for stoppin by my blog!

    I pretty much do the same thing to my man-friend when i feel neglected- except i whine, too, and say "i need attention!" over and over. yeah, he really loves it. i'm so charming.

    love the second tooth-brushing photo. you're like a hygenic cave-woman! in a good way.

    good luck on the new job- i'll be back, yo!

  2. Hygienic cave-woman....I like it. There should be a T-Shirt.

    Thanks for following! Always appreciate a cute groupie. ;)

  3. that bug picture cracks me up! Oh, it's always the simple things

  4. You crack me up there cave woman lol. those pics are jst too funny. Manfriend is not a man until he is ripping his underwear off to wipe his ass after shitting in the bush. Anyone can pee on a tee.


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