Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweet Procrastination

Remember when I was all like....I'm going to be home and have so much more time to do some blogging ?  Well the blog has a lot of competition.  The competition?  Cooking, TV, sex, booze, eating, sex, TV, sleeping, hanging overs, scratching of crevices, and working on the perma ass groove in our couch.  
  I also remember when I was all like...Soon as I get home I'm going to get back on an exercise regime and lose some camp pounds for our vacay.  MMmmmyeah.  Well at least I bought 3 new bathing suits and they fit. Mission accomplished. 

So my last week at work was chaotic and hellish but I made it through with flying colours. We moved out of our camp room (holy crap we had a lot of stuff! But hey, we're creatures of comfort) Then we had the 9 hour drive back to Calgary from Ft. McKay.
 It had been snowing quite a bit so we took it slow as we saw several Semi Trucks in the ditch.  (Probably because most of them drive like uber scorates on Hwy 63 ).

Traffic is heavy and dangerous on this highway.  It's so overwhelming that volunteer firefighters have stopped service on this highway recently.  So we use a lot of caution and curse at the dicks passing us in massive semi trucks.  

You can thank hwy 63 for the big ass Alberta Crack in our window. 

This is the sunset at 3 o'clock. Fuckity...still haven't reached the shortest day of the year.
This just looked purdy.
 At first we were going to stop in Edmonton and spend the night at Manfriend's sister's home but the roads were really not that bad so we continued on.  We were pretty hell bent on getting home.  However, we did stop for dinner in the middle of nowhere (side of Hwy 831).  Big Bob's Maple Tree Grill can be found by Waskatenau.  I don't even know how to pronounce that.  
Anyways, it was cute and warm with a wood stove.  The server was really nice but she was definitely a bit wired (blow).  No one is that twitchy naturally. 
So finally we made it home safe & sound but still haven't started our Christmas shopping. 
Meh, I think we may tackle that...tomorrow. 


  1. So glad y'all made it back safe.

  2. Hey, my rental suffered the same big ass Alberta Crack (ok much smaller) in the windshield on my drive back to Edmonton. Thank goodness I was smart and got the insurance.
    Glad to see you made it all safe and sound. I'm back to working my couch divets now that I'm home in Ontario.

  3. I have the opposite problem, I'm spending too much time blogging rather than real things like

  4. Mrs Tuna - tsk tsk. Get to it Missy! Not everyone has 6 wks off like me. mwahahah not that I'm bragging or anything.

    Steve - No way! lol You got the full AB experience.

    Blase - Thank you sugar!

  5. AHHH Highway 63 is a scary ass highway. No way in Hell would you be able to get my to drive that thing. You've got balls missy!

    I can't wait till the days start getting longer either.... only 1 more day and it starts getting better :)

  6. I agree with Jane M .. Highway 63 was bad enough driving in the summer and would be a knuckle clenching, nail biter at this time of the year!

    Glad to hear you made it home safely :)

    And now the real stress .. '3' days to Christmas & I hope you guys have started your shopping between all the fun cooking in the kitchen and the bedroom lol Cheers!!

  7. Well we still haven't put the tree up as we came down with the flu.
    We are doing that this evening though!

  8. Hurray, you're home! I'm so happy for you! I don't work out of town and I still don't have my shopping done, so you're ahead of the game. So glad that you're home...yes, I already said that but it's because I can imagine how relieved and happy you must feel.
    And just for the record, I'd totally tap that/you too! Personally, I think women are much better for the ego than men. See, my husband would never say "tap that" and yet, it makes me feel all gushy inside!

  9. Sick for Christmas :( And not because you had too much to drink (yet lol) ;)

    That sucks!! I hope it was only a 24-hour bug :) Have a great weekend!!

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