Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Love Notes ....

Finished another 10 day rotation in Northern Alberta and it's time to fly home tonight. 

Mudderfockin' YEAH YEAH! 

After the next rotation I'm laid off till Feb 1st.   So that's a triple - YEAH!
So I decided to log into that social networking site, Tagged, for some entertainment.  

Within 20 minutes of having signed in this is what I recieved:

Valentine C (Like C'Plus  but romance flavoured) 

Hello how are you today ,am valentine from s Africa here in malaysia studing in university of malay,i will like to be ur friend ,i prms to be nice,pls get in touch by just ends like that. 
Moving on:


hello, my name is Hamza i am 34 years old i want to meeting some poeples .we can talking ! :)

Yay! He put a smiley face :)  He must be safe.  

Ramzi D

hello beautiful hope you're well? I would like to know, you look good, me too lol!.I'm here to make new friends. You may also find a relationship, serious or not know that I know I do not like that from the beginning ... Anyway I am not here in this state of mind, my main has to know good people can become friends dr ...representative to thank him Does God keep and protect you

Keep in mind my profile clearly states that I'm in a relationship AND I state on my profile: "If you're looking "to have relations," with your fingers some typing and don't send me a msg." 

Saving the best for last................

Lovell C

would you let me lick your pussy?

Well since you asked.....

Seriously WTF.  Does that work?!  I mean, if I sent a message to a random guy on a social networking site "Would you let me suck your dick," chances are he would say Yes but I don't believe that flies with women.  I let me live with my ignorance ok?


  1. Ahh keep dreaming Drake..keep dreaming.

  2. I'm laughing so hard I can't even make a comment..

  3. In my dreams most men die off from some disease which only affects the male species, leaving me as one of the last on earth. I think that was a movie too.

  4. Lick your pussy? Does he kiss his mother with that mouth?

  5. Oh I know exactly what you mean. I signed up to this penpal website a while ago. I'm getting the weirdest, gooiest messages from mostly Africans and Turks. As long as you're fuckable you're a target.

  6. You're so fucking funny! I'm sitting here crying I'm laughing so hard! I like the part where you say "He put a smiley face, he must be safe!"
    Here's the creepy part, I'm not even on any social network thingy, and these people (probably the same ones!) manage to find me in my gmail, and send me the same messages! One guy wanted to buy my rolling pin, and was going to "send good money, you ship, yes?" ...ummm, no! It's my rolling pin and I'm not selling!

  7. Hahah I'm glad everyone enjoyed that one so much! It's so effortless too. I just sign into that account and leave it open..the messages flow in.

    Oh and Sandra, saying that I'm fucking funny is such a compliment coming from you!

  8. hahahahahahaha

    You should have just responded with "yes"

  9. Ummm can I lick your earlobe?? :)

    Too funny, and I agree with Sara, you should have said yes, (only if he wasn't in this country) and strung him along to see how much more he would ask for :)

  10. Fucking HILARIOUS........glad I found you...



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