Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Dodge The Father and Ram The Daughter"

"Dodge the Father Ram the Daughter"
Where was this?  In Edmonton of course.  It was also a chick driving it.  All Albertan class I tells ya. 

The last week has been the general whirlwind of appoints, socialization, cleaning, cooking, boozing, traveling etc.   When we drove back to Calgary last Wednesday afternoon the clouds were amazing.  I miss the BC Mountains but damn I love the Alberta skies.

The Maple Tree Grill out in the middle of nowhere was open again for the season! So we stopped along the way for dinner. 

It's very decent food and like I said, it's in the middle of nowhere.
View from our Table
The decor...well it's not unexpected in rural Alberta.

This is me at the end of a 10 day (10hrs a day) rotation. Pale because the life is drained from me.  Just kidding but not really.

Annnnd this is Manfriend at the end of a rotation.

The rest of the ride home was really decent especially because the amount of sunlight that is happening.  (Read: SOGLADWINTERISOVERFINALLY)

A new Victoria Secret opened up in Calgary which we tried to check out but when there's 30 people in line it can wait.  I have better things in life than to wait in line to buy panties like walking a few stores away and dropping too much cash at La Senza.  It's an addiction all right?  Damn, I need a closet just for my "unmentionables."

We came across this penis extension:

Also came across this:
Another REALLY WEIRD thing:
He's going to kill me for that picture.  

He had a function to attend so he had to dress up.  When Kidlet and I saw him our jaws dropped and we started taking pictures (What did we do before camera phones?!?).  He's been doing the Fort Mac grind for so long that we forgot what he looked like dressing all respectable and stuff. 

I'm sick as a dog right now so blogging isn't coming enthusiastically but before I go I just wanted to wish all you Momma's a Belated Happy Mother's Day! 

Oh Also I did receive a SBD (Silent But Deadly) Award from Brucey but I will have to get to that when some of the funny has zapped back into me.




  1. Dodge the father and Ram the daughter?

    Now THAT'S class.

  2. Enjoy your time off from work...

  3. Oh I'm already back to work. 3 and a half days does not cut it.

    Now I'm sick. Ugh..shoot me.

  4. Aren't the two of you are so cute.....

  5. Love the "penis extension" ain't that the truth.
    And a Victoria's Secret? How come the rednecks get all the breaks? Here in Winnipeg, we get NADA! oh that's not true, we're expected to get an IKEA in 2013. Hurray. Like I needed fake white cupboards in my kitchen.
    You still look beautiful drained of life. Actually, my boyfriend Edward Cullen would probably find you mouthwatering.xoxox

  6. Well I still haven't found the "Ram The Daugeter" girl, but I'm still looking. I'm into my second week in Edmonton and the weather has been great. Back in Ontario we didn't get more then a day of sunshine before being consumed by clouds and rain.
    When we hooking up to drink again :)

  7. The cloud pics made me start humming The Simpson's tune. Hope you get to feeling better!

  8. Mrs Tuna - Thank you!!

    Sandra - Bite your tongue woman...we're not all rednecks here. Just displaced West Coasters or East Coasters here to make a buck. It is funny that the FIRST Victoria Secret to open in Canada was in Edmonton (West Edmonton Mall).
    And you can keep the Vamps. I like my man's blood to run hot. ARRROOOOOO Go wolfies!

    Steve - Hmmm I'm not sure! Let me know when you want to come on down to cowtown. Problem is that we no longer have a guest bed. :(

    Heather - Thanks! I'm already on the mend. Glad I don't smoke anymore otherwise this would be dragging out forever.

  9. You have an unfailing sense of humor and an eye for the absurd. Love it! I hope you enjoyed that downtime. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  10. So..is Edmonton like, the Arizona of Canada? Just wondering. I'm always interested in what other countries are like and I've always wondered if Canada also has rednecks. every Canadian I've ever met has been quite progressive so it never dawned on me that there would be a pocket of hillbillies north of the border.

    Please share!!!

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  12. Hope you're much better by now,
    Hope you're getting a cut of that financial action^
    And my gf says 'She can walk into LaSenzas, forget worrying about the line at Vicky's!
    But have you need to find an Aerie' so you can waste - uh - invest even more in underwear.


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