Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh Crap, I Forgot I had a Blog!


Why haven't I even looked at my blog since July 2011?  Well life just got busy, work got busy, and I'm just a terrible procrastinator. Actually I'm not terrible at procrastinating, I'm excellent at it. 
What has happened in the last couple of years?

  •  I done got myself hitched right on top of a boat July 6th.  So "Manfriend," is now my Husband I still have a hard time referring to him as that so I generally use the term "Hubby." (Baby Steps.)
  • The Kidlet is now one of those teenager creatures.  Colouring her hair wildly and listening to angry music. Doesn't remind me of anyone at all..... All I'm gonna say is thank fuck I didn't have access to social media at her age. However, I do have a small suitcase FULL of journals, starting from Grade 6. I'm not brave enough to take a stroll down that lane just yet. 
  •  We planted 10 trees so now we have the most in our Suburban Prairie Hood. Best part about it is that we're Asshole Neighbours who planted trees on the other side of the fence so that we don't end up with leaves in our yard. FUCK RAKES! In all honesty, this was not our intention. Trees were on sale and this was the best location. We probably should've put a bit more forethought into but we're going to sell the house in 4 years so it'll be someone else being the Asshole.


  •  My dog is still alive even after eating many things like chocolate & granola bars that contains raisins. After the 8lb dog devoured 5 granola bars we had to bring her to the vet to induce vomiting. Raisins/Grapes can cause renal failure in dogs and she ate a crap ton. Go big AND Go Home with a large Vet bill! 
Looking pretty good for 14 years old.

  •  I'm still a Non-Smoker & the Hubby is on Champix so he'll no longer have cigar breath.  YAY! Seriously, I am so happy he's trying to kick the habit again. 

Other than those key points, we just work a hell of a lot.  We've made time for some fun adventures here and there but the Wedding was the big one. This time I promise to come back and post again soon, starting with the wedding. 



  1. no way! you live! good to hear from you and your bad neighboring and such.


  2. Thanks Jill! Yeah I decided it was time to come back. I miss the blog-o-sphere.


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