Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Won £750,000.00 ...Apparently

I'm sure it's legit.  I mean, how did Henry Gionvanni Pinilla Rodriguez just randomly find my email address?

from Henry Giovanni Pinilla Rodriguez
subject  re
date  Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 8:45 AM 

£750,000.00 Pounds was given to you In The BPO Lottory



Ok maybe not.  I thought of responding to him with:
"First of all, what the hell is The BPO Lottory.  Second your email address is that of the Universidad Nacional de Columbia.  Shouldn't you be paying me in Columbian Pesos?  I'm really disappointed at the lack of effort to scam and/or detect valid email address in order distribute to other slimey, spamming, scuzzballs.  At least give me some story about being some prince who has a clubbed foot with reptilian eyes who has access to millions of Nigerian Narias but need $1500 Cdn in order to access the cash.  This is because your demon worshipping evil Uncle has all the money locked down but the magical Canadian Dollar is the key.  I deplore you for lacking the creativity of our Nigerian friends. Next time show some effort and don't forget to say God Bless. n00b."

However, I don't need to be spammed anymore than I already am. 


  1. Fuckin' A! I'm sure it's legit. Now you can plan a crazy sweet wedding and let us get hitched on your coat tails!

  2. That rocks, will you pay for my next trip to Canmore? Thanks in advance.

  3. Hehehehe......prince with a clubbed foot. That's funny.

  4. Wow! This is definitely your lucky day. Noobs for sure!!

  5. In his defense, he has the best name ever. Surely you’re obligated to give him whatever he wants on that alone.

  6. I too am disappointed with the lack of effort. If my scammer could correctly spell the word 'lottery' I'd be more inclined to not think he's just some Nigerian guy using a stack of 3rd grade American book reports for his english reference. Is it that hard to find a morally ambiguous translator?

  7. good for you not falling for that scam...

    *evil grin*

    just more cash for me, cuz i got the same damn email, today as well...


  8. I wrote back to them once too bvut I doubt they got the subtlty of my insults. Do you think they just sit around the computer all day just waiting for a reply? Then they see your message and it's a big letdown. But the next day they wake up, pack a lunch and go through the whole thing all over again. Just struck me funny to be the guy who has to run this scam.

  9. If I got a bunch of money with Michael Jackson on it, I would gladly get spammed. Can you e-mail back? I would love to know if you get a reply!


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